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[Ann] New stage in life = no time


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On Monday I will be starting MCTS Certification. After school, I will be working on a company as a C# coder and English translator. This means that I will have little time to work on my little child, XPize. I will try to finish and release 4.6 asap, working on it in my scarce spare time. Of course, projects like Black XPize and Vize are postponed to no one knows when. I know these are sad news for you (and of course, they are for me too), but this is life. I hope you all understand, but be sure you will be receiving new XPize updates from time to time. This will not die, ever. ;)

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Congrats! I've been using xpize for a long time now, and just want to give you my thanks. It's a great little app.

Best of luck with all the new things!

Just make sure you give us a hand when MS hits us with SP3 :P

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