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  1. Hi all. Im having a bit of trouble with this. I dropped the .exe into windows/system32 and got the standard "do you want to replace blah blah" popup, hitting yes. The file is in there, yet when I reboot i'm not seeing the login. I'm still having the standard xpize login. Anyone know what im doing wrong (please!) ?
  2. Congrats! I've been using xpize for a long time now, and just want to give you my thanks. It's a great little app. Best of luck with all the new things! Just make sure you give us a hand when MS hits us with SP3
  3. I excitedly upgraded to the new Xpize today, and I was quite impressed. The new theme is great. I was, however, disappointed to see that the wallpaper had been changed. The new one is great and all, but the old one was my favorite part of the xpize package. Would somebody be kind enough to post the old one for me? It's the blue one from the version prior to the new beta
  4. CBTF

    Taskbar issues

    anyone? please?
  5. CBTF

    Taskbar issues

    Hello there. In my taskbar, I have several icons set to "always hide". However, ever since i've reinstalled xpize these icons are reset to "hide only when inactive" after every single shut down or reboot. how can i prevent this? in other words, how can i save my settings?!
  6. CBTF

    Simple Question!

    How do I make it show the day of the week beneath the time in my icon tray/task bar? Thanks!
  7. CBTF

    Very Frustrated!

    Problem solved itself after 3 reboots
  8. CBTF

    Very Frustrated!

    Hi there. Xpize looks great, so i'm trying it out. It seems that the installer changed everything except for the MP3, PNG, etc icons (which is the main reason i wanted it ) The boot screen works, as well as the login. I have the little green arrows on my icons and the cursor is different. It's just.. the icon's wont change! I have reinstalled many times, with no luck. Messed around with some settings but that didnt do much either. I'm running Windows XP sp2, english of course. I dont have any other theme programs installed. I dont see how something is interfering with xpize? Please help! Any suggestions will be taken gratefully.

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