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Which version of Luna Royale will be in XPize 4.6?

Ultimate Predator

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Note...: Ver.2.1 available soon ... :whistle:

this is the preview from it!



This one looks great !... for fully seeing how superb is this pink, just display the "shutdown" or "logoff" dialogs some seconds :angel

"orb" is an idea as bad as writting "start" on the system menu (can you imagine Microsoft doing that ?!?)

If one cares (Pgase ?), i'd prefer no "button" (nor "orb", nor "star", nor "..."), only a white or bright-grey (or colored grey) flag becoming pastel colored when hoovered, and full-colored + "beveled" when clicked (or something like)

And black. very black. only black. (well, maybe a zest of orange, but it may then look like LE)


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