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  1. This is a Vista SP1 disc with SP2 slipstreamed with Win Integrator. Here's the relevent section of my DISM.log I made an ISO and tested the disc out: SP2 is installed but none of the updates including IE9
  2. I am trying to integrate IE9 and many .msu files into the source of a Vista x64 WIM. I'm running this on a Win7x64 machine with the Win7 WAIK installed. Here's the contents of my batch file containing the commands. dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\WinVistax64\sources\install.wim /index:1 /mountdir:c:\wim dism /image:c:\wim /add-package /packagepath:C:\ie9\vistax64\ie9-Vista.cab for %%g in (c:\vistax64Updates\*.msu) do dism /Image:c:\wim /Add-Package /PackagePath:%%g dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\wim /commit However when I run this bach file I get the following error message for each .msu file plus the .cab file: I've also tried to integrate the msu files using 7Customizer .5.0 and got the same results. Any ideas what's going on? I downloaded the msu files from Microsoft's site so they should be fine.
  3. I realize this is an old thread but I would like it if WPI allowed priorties: I'd like to install IE8 *before* Flash, Shockwave and Java, but also allow Flash, Shockwave and Java to install even if I don't want IE8, something dependencies in 8.0 doesn't seem to allow.
  4. I'm just wondering if how DriverGeek is coming. I'd love compatibility with Windows Vista/7 x64 and the latest driver packs for the NT6 line from driverpacks.net
  5. I just reinstalled Vista x86 on my system and I find myself really missing Vize. Has any more work been done recently on this app?
  6. Congrats! I hope we can get rid of wide-spread XP uglyness forever!
  7. No no, I think he/she is complaining about the "visual style" (look) of current XPizing. I've been using it since the 2.x days and I like the older look too. Unfortunately its seems pretty hard to find any of the old versions, except for the visual style/skin (MSSTYLES) which was the official one from Microsoft.
  8. I was working on a customer's XP Home machine the other day when I ran into activation. The user had provided me his original installation disc, this was a Dell Dimension 4500, and I had just prepared a stock OEM XP Home CD with SP3 slipstreamed though nlite. I had to enter the key on the case, I forgot completely about OEMBIOS! I got to thinking, would it be hard to make an XP Home disc that would contain the OEMBIOS data for a bunch of OEMs bypassing the need for activation? Ideally before Windows Setup starts it would prompt me for a manufacter, and then once I made a selection load the appropriate OEMBIOS files and install Windows normally. I read the first several pages of Multi Manufacturer Pre-Activation, OEMScan, and Building a Pre-activated CD from an existing installation but they're all too complicated. I've done a lot of work with nlite and I frequently integrate BTS driverpacks, but that's all the unattended work I've done. Could someone please write a guide/instructions on how to create, if its possible, this kind of disc? Thanks!
  9. XPero I agree with you about Vista but I hope that XPize doesn't die, there's all those Win2003 icons that havn't been patched
  10. I finally got Win2003 R2 from MSNAA and I need to install it soon in vmware for the LAN administration class I'm taking I've seen various threads on integrating Win2003 and SP2 and R2. I think I need to copy R2 files into the installation source so I tried that. I then used nlite to slipstream SP2 on top of that. Does all of this sound right? What about slipstreaming IE7? Thanks
  11. I used nlite 1.4 beta to create a new Win2003 disc. I created the ISO and tested it in Virtual PC 2007. So I was going to burn it to DVD. The total size is 853.44 MB. I got out my Verbatim DVD+RWs and tried to burn the ISO using nlite. It stopped. I got an error detailed only "hardware error 25600. Writing failed". This is under Windows XP Pro SP2 fully patched, 1GB RAM, Athlon-64 3500+, NEC ND3550A. I've burned many ISOs made in nlite on this drive using Nero but previous versions of nlite didn't have a burner built right in. I selected Direct burn and it seems to be burning... Correct: It did not burn, it just locked up
  12. I noticed there is the option in MPC to handle rstp:// links with a given handler but it doesn't do anything.
  13. So then I should install Real Alternative? I last tried it at the the beggining of the year and it didn't handle rstp:// links. Is it safe to install Real Alernative and the Vista Codec Pack or should I install Vista Codec Pack and then Media Player Classic?

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