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nLite 1.2 RC - Return of the warrior II


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Components-Compatibility: IIS grayed out.

Under Network you can remove IIS (Couldn't remove it most of the time under 1.1).

If you want to keep DHCP functionality you shouldn't remove Peer to Peer (under Network).

Not at all.

MS P2P has nothing to do with DHCP and it only came with SP2 (1).

DHCP is working here and MS P2P has been removed. :yes:

(1) with "Advanced Networking Pack" in fact. ANd this update is available for XP SP1 (it also gives IPv6 and WPA*)

Do you need the KB number ?

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Now I've solved (again) my XP CD problem, I can play with nlite. :)

SMBUS, IDE Controllers, CPU drivers : are they absolutely needed ?

Let's say I remove AMD CPU driver. Can I install XP on an AMD machine or will it simply die ?

XP doesn't recognize AMD64 and Turion64 CPUs so keeping them may be useless.

(I know VMWare emulates an AMD CPU...)

Same goes for AGP Filters

Removed (all of) them, XP installed correctly under VMWare.

I'll see next week how it behaves on my machine.

@nuhi and r3incarnat0r, thanks for your answers. :)

What is WBEM logging in Tweaks ?

I know a lot of windows things. That one is still unclear to me. Of course, google helped but a comment is really needed.

It should disable WMI event subsystem and stop logging WMI events. See the *.log files in %windir%\system32\wbem\Logs (defined by Logging Directory value). If you don't need to use the logs, it will prevent from unnecessary disk I/O and also cpu usage every hour in Windows 2000. As you said, the Google would help. ;) Btw this tweak has been requested here.

Thanks. I've checked the logs and they are of no interest for me.

I don't know if I'll disable this because they are small and are not frequently accessed.

If there is any specific thing to test, tell me. :hello:

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I am experiencing the same problem as Jeremy (gets to 'Press any key', then reboots). It is definitely a 1.2 problem, when I make with previous versions all works fine. I actually decided to take it a step further, so I just used nlite 1.0.1 to compile an ISO with files already processed by 1.2 (no changes to the files, I just skipped the make ISO on 1.2, and did ONLY the make ISO on 1.0.1) - and it works fine. So it would seem that the problem is in making the ISO. Hopefully nuhi can make use of that information.

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I'm not sure whether this was reported already, but the DEP configuration feature doesn't seem to work. I set it to "Alwaysoff" and it added the switch to my boot.ini file, but didn't delete the "Optin" switch. I had to delete it manually to make the change work

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I'm not certain if this has already been mentioned or not because I went through this thread on little sleep... but it seems that the reg tweak options for enable/disable Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop are being saved to the configuration file, but they are not restored when the configuration file is loaded.

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After installation nLite refused to lauch, trying to open the exe resulted in an hourglass for about half a second then nothing. The process wasn't in the list either. So I installed the R3 runtimes. Now I get this when I try to launch:


Is this a bug or something I've done incorrectly?


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