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New Norton Killer Available

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heres how i do it, i dont install it at all :P

in my opinion though, theres no option better than just plain 'ol reloading your computer to clean it all out. but if that option doesn't work for you, im sure noton killer is perfect.

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ok, i've got a strange question that may involve some experimenting.


thats where nortonkiller.exe is found. theres also a download called 16 bit fix.zip

if i downloaded that and used it with Vista, would i be able to play 16bit DOS games?

[i have a long standing addiction to games like Duke Nukem and Heretic]

It was NOT written with Vista in mind.

It was written to increase compatibility within Windows XP.

If you try it, be sure to do a registry backup first. ;)


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Are the three files different from the three files Symantec offers?





NO diff, except that I've compressed all three files into one easy to download zip file.

Then I numbered each file so you can run them in the proper order without any confusion.

Just save the zip file to a desktop folder (new folder) and click on it to execute the unzipping process.

Then run the three files.

I no longer build computers for my customers since I'm officially retired.

When they get home from Circuit City or somesuch with their new PC I go out and set up the new PC for them. My first step in the install is to remove whatever AV program, trials, demos, and spyware put on by the manufacturer.

EMachine has the least amount of crapola on it and is the easiest and quickest to install.

Then I shut down all unneeded Services and tweak the registry for greatly improved performance.

Then I install my "Security Package" consisting of AVG 7.1 FREE, Anti-Virus and

AdAware SE/Personal and Spybot Search & Destroy, plus Spyware Blaster, anti-spyware software.

Then I set up my custom Weekly Maintenance routine. About six programs to keep the PC clean and running at top performance.

I give my customer a booklet which I publish, with a full page of instructions for each

Security program that I give them.

I set up their ISP and eMail and install Mozilla Firefox (latest edition) along with the Flashplayer and Shockwave addons.

Once on-line, I get the latest updates for all programs.

It takes about three hours to do a full install, the way I do it. But it pays off for the customer, because they have a faster and safer computer. I can usually improve a PC's performance by 100% from the out-of-box state.

Happy Computing! :thumbup

Andromeda43 B)

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It's called a FIX because some computers are screwed up and will not run any 16 bit programs.

I've seen that a lot on Dells and some Gateways.

Appologies to anyone who's already downloaded the zipped up Norton Killer :blushing:

The zipping process does horrible things to batch files, it seems. Turns them into binary files or Russian or some such. Anyway it makes a total mess of them.

I found a work-around for the problem by compiling the .bat file of the Norton Killer into a .com file. It then goes through the zipping process without change. At lease none that I can discern.

I've fixed it, I hope, and uploaded the newly corrected zip file to my Download Site.


Andromeda43 B)

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