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Sun Java Runtime Environment


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Shark!, You are fast in releasing updates, but your installers as always are not optimized and are not as small as possible.

So, for those who care about the size of installer (like me) here it is mine, the smallest one (as always B)), version:

Sun Java 5.0 Update 9 Switchless Installer (with Removed AutoUpdate) 8,06 Mb:


(MD5: a851812e5a4ce9a200b47beb0acdbebc)

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the java download page says the latest is update 9 since several days ago.

where do you guys got this version?

I think you meant 6 .. 9 is available here on a german site. LINK

the american site is also offerring 9 .. although i did get mine from the german site because this software is language neutral.

lol@myself , i just made a joke about size, now i'm posting 6 ... 9 i really need to log off huh


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What is anybody doing about uninstalling older Java installs? Installing on a fresh system is one thing, but it kills me that the newer version does not overwrite or remove the older version(s) when installing on a system that has only been up and running for a month or two.

I have found as many as six (6) Java entries in Add/Remove programs on some machines, each claiming to be over 100MB of pure Java goodness. Ridiculous. :realmad: I know that Sun has an unattended uninstall routine for older versions, but each install must be identified by exact version number and truthfully I have lost count. Any ideas? Otherwise, I will probably resort to AutoIt.

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Can u change silent install switch /qb to /qn ?

This way we'll have a more silent installation right? I made mine so.

Repacking options come in as many choices as there are languages.

You prefer an Invisible installation, and i'm sure you have no problem creating one.

I prefer seeing things installed. I'm always on the lookout for faults.

Packaging and roll out style is often a personal preference,

not all can be fully satisified by a single rollout.

HINT: many of my switchless installers will accept external MSI switches.

Try using my original installer(s) like this; *.exe /qn

This Java installer DOES NOT accept these external switches, sorry


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