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  1. When I print an email, in Outlook 2003, the result always includes all of the addresses that appear above the message. Is there any setting that will print only the message, and not the From, Sent, To and Subject fields? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for this possible solution. I'll try the drivers later this evening on a clean install and see how it goes. ------------------------------------------- I tried the 82.16 drivers, but I couldn't get 1440x900, and the computer still hangs on shutdown. But, the suggestion was appreciated anyways.
  3. GeForce 6000 series card, 82.69 drivers: I can get 1440x900 widescreen. If I restart my computer everything boots up okay. But, if I just choose to shutdown my computer, then it hangs with a blinking cursor in the middle of the monitor screen. Has anyone experienced this? How come it will hangs on shutdown, but not on restart? Any known fix for this? Thanks.
  4. I've always understood that 3.5 does not include previous versions, such as 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc, and that some applications need those earlier versions installed to run. Can someone confirm that 3.5 SP1 is really cumulative and includes everything that preceeded it? Where did you get "MS.Net.Fx.4.5.Redist.exe"? I've never even heard of 4.5. With 3.5 SP1 being the latest, I wonder what 4.5 is?
  5. The full version is usually released shortly after the web installer. It has not showed up anywhere yet. A lot of people are posting links, but they all point to older versions of the full installer. We'll have to wait.
  6. Now that my "mouse" problem is cleared up, I'd like to know if anyone is still modifying IE security updates to work with Windows 9X systems? I have a few that were produced many months ago, but I can't recall where I got them from.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I was unable to use them because it appeared that the keyboard also didn't work. However, I did find a solution. The one thing I did differently from the previous successful installs was I used another Boot CD. There must be a problem with the drives on the CD, because when I went back to using a Windows 9X boot floppy, everything worked. I'd be interested in any similar experiences with that Boot CD. I use it a lot when installing Windows and generally working "in DOS". I haven't noticed the mouse/keyboard problem before.
  8. I have an old IBM S42. I've run both Windows 9X and XP on it, in the past, without any problems. I recently bought a new HD for it. FDISK it, and then attempted to install Windows 98. When the Installation Wizard starts, the mouse won't work. I can see it move the cursor a bit when I first use the mouse, but then it freezes. I tried both PS/2 and USB mice. The same thing happens. I thought it might be the connector, but just to try one other thing I FDISK the drive again and installed XP. I had no problems with the mouse. Went back and tried 98, and the mouse frooze again. Does anyone have an idea what is going on here? Thanks.
  9. When I right-click on any executable, I get this drop down menu, and it contains references to Vista. Can anyone tell me why XP should mention Vista? Was there a program that I added later that put these there. What exactly are these menu items for, what do they do? Always something new to learn!
  10. I found a site that mentioned "forcing Carmageddon 2, to run in 32-bit color, would fix the problem. Anyone know how to force the game to run is this mode. I think it normally runs in 16-bit color.
  11. I tried the executable fix, but the problem is still there. But, thank you for the help. I'll keep searching for a solution.
  12. I have two computers. The first one has on-board graphics (ATI Radeon Xpress 200M series). The second one has PCIe card (nvidia 8800GT). Playing Carmageddon II under Windows XP on the ATI machine, the display looks great (see picture #1). When I play the game under Windows XP on the nvidia machine, the menu backgrounds are heavily pixelated, as are any scenes where the action takes place under water. See picture 32. Everything else looks good. For a long time, I thought the problem might be the graphics adapter difference. However, if I run Carmageddon II on the nvidia system, this time using VISTA, instead of XP, the graphics problem is gone and everything looks great. Again, see picture #1. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone, who might have a solution for this. I'd like to be able to run the game on the nvidia computer, under XP, and not have the pixelated items that take away some of the enjoyment of the game. Thanks.
  13. Is there anyway to set up the layout in Outlook 2003 all at once. For example; turning off the reading pane in the Inbox, and having it turned off in all other Outlook folders, such as sent items, deleted items etc. Right now, I have to go to each folder and make the same change each time. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, I finally found the correct page for downloading the most recent Spam filter (July 8).
  15. The last update at MS is dated May 13, 2008. If it's updated monthly, where can I go to get the current filter?
  16. I use msfn.org as my homepage. Anyone know why it hasn't been updated since July 3rd? Are the moderators on vacation? Thanks for any information about this concern of mine.
  17. I need two answers and how they would apply to both Office 2003 and Office 2007. Please note that I have TweakUI installed, but I can't get it to do what I'd like: 1. How can I remove the default item on the left (My Network Places, My Documents etc)? 2. How can I make a desktop shortcut that will open the "Save As" or "Open" dialog box for Office 2003 and Office 2007? Thanks!
  18. Does anyone know if there's a newer, official, email filter for Outlook 2003? The last one I have is from October 2007, and I haven't seen anything since, anywhere. Thanks.
  19. When I install Shockwave, using your installer, I get this: C:\Program Files\My Company Name\My Product Name\msvcp71.dll Is it normal for this file to be created? I had not noticed it before, but my memory could be bad on this. Should I leave it alone or can it be deleted? Thanks for your continued work on these products. I appreciate a lot. sam13484
  20. Your suggestion will be my last resort. I'm still kind of hoping that a software solution can be had. I'll continue to work at it for another day, and then it's off to the computer store to pick up some hardware.
  21. I'm working on an HP notebook, which normally runs Vista. It won't boot into the OS, and I've tried everyway I can think of to do a recovery, short of reinstalling Vista. Does anyone know a way to at least copy the user folder to a disk, when Vista is dead in the water? Any utility that will run off a boot CD? The notebook will let me put it back the way it was when first purchased, but I would really like to get the documents and photos off the drive before I do that. Thanks! I tried a couple of products from Paragon, but they only let me move files around the hard drive, not copy them to a CD. I also tried Paragon Partition Manager (boot CD) to see if I could create a new partition, move the files there, and then reformat c drive, but the create option appears greyed out. Anyone have a suggestion about this?
  22. It's already out on some sites. Can't put a torrent or link here, but the most famous site has it (or so I am told) right now!
  23. There are a lot of folks on this forum who can probably offer more help, but if you want one source for KB Updates and Patches, go here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/current.aspx You can also go to MS and get the latest SP3 Beta, or wait a month or so for the finished product. Even then, it will not include IE7. By the way, there are already reports that IE8 has been released to beta testers, and will likely be made a public beta sometime this month.
  24. IE7 is not even included in SP3, so I'd be surprised, and interested, as to where you got a copy of SP2 that does include IE7. As far as I know, Windows XP, SP1 and SP2 all had Internet Explorer 6.

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