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Nope, no download manager.

I should have mentioned this last night, but here's what happened.

1. I was on a Win2K system and clicking on each link would give me a 'page not found' error (after accepting the disclaimer).

2. I went onto an XP system later and tried the links again. The two mirrors would download properly, but the main link would give me a '403 forbidden' error.

3. I finally went back onto Win2K and tested again. Since Tomcat changed the download system, I would be brought to a 'thanks for downloading' page after accepting the disclaimer. However, nothing would download at all for all three links.


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We are getting some really inconsistent 403 reports from your IP. The latest ones look like the request and referrer are reversed. I can't spot a trend and am, quite frankly, stumped as to why this is happening to you.

I've successfully downloaded all files with three different browsers on two different hosts.

You aren't the only one who has had a problem, but you ARE the only one kind enough to report back so far. Anyone else having issues?

I changed the referrer checking code around a bit...please see if you get different results now.

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Thanks for the response, but I was just about to edit my post above when my computer froze. Everything works perfectly now :)!


Minor edit: Actually, it only works perfectly on my XP system. #3 (see above) still occurs on 2K. I am no longer getting any 403 or 404 errors.

Edited by Super-Magician
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In both IE and Firefox on my computer, Yzöwl's name does not appear properly on the Links page. I think there is a problem with the rendering of the "ö" symbol.

In IE, the name appears as 'Yz?'. In Firefox, I see 'Yz?wl' where the ? is not plaintext but some special graphic.

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This is alright when using the iso-8859-15 encoding. This is what the HTML page is specifying and that's what the server obeyed to up till recently. I just checked it out and noticed that the server is sending the HTML page as UTF-8 now, which is not correct.

Thanks for reporting this. :)

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