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Hi, TAiN and other MSFN members

Thank you for providing hfslip, a great useful tool. :)

I am the person putting the translated web pages of TommyP's hfslip on the Internet.

In order to understand the detail usage of hfslip, I translated some web pages of TommyP's hfslip into Japanese language, because we have little information of hfslip in Japanese.

And the translated pages have been put (without TommyP's and other maintainers' permit) on the Internet to help Japanese hfslip users.

The pages are under construction currently.

But glad I could be of some help.

Are you still around? Some of the links from your page are causing us, and your users, a bit of trouble. We'd like to coordinate with you to get this fixed.

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I dont have access to http://hfslip.org .

The message returned:


The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL: http://hfslip.org/downloads.html

The following error was encountered:

Zero Sized Reply

Squid did not receive any data for this request.

Your cache administrator is webmaster.


Generated Sat, 09 Jun 2007 00:58:31 GMT by srvproxy1-trf1.trf1.gov.br (squid/2.6.STABLE5)

What I do for download HFSLIP 1.50?

Thanks in advance.

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Im using Windows XP PT-BR and IE6.

No, I dont can bypass the proxy.

But I have tried from a cyber and again no have access. Ther error message is:

Error 64

Host not available.

The firewall from my work have blocked the http://users.telenet.be, but from cyber I have access without problem. I have dowload the HFSLIP 1.5 rx regularly.

Thanks for your reply.

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Thanks for the links Johndoe74. :thumbup

I have downloaded from esnips wihtout problem.

More details from the problem:

My city are near frontier of Colombia and from my work or cybers in my city I no have access to hfslip.org, but from one cyber in Colombia I have (finally) access to hfslip.org.

I dont uderstand why ...

I will work more in this problem. If I lost this last access I just you know and I will thank for the links.

More one

:thumbup Very, very thanks :thumbup

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@0d14r3: I've found three IPs that you've used recently (on this board) and none of them are blocked by the hfslip.org server. You seem to be accessing us through a caching proxy, so it is possible that the proxy's IP has been blocked or the proxy has some other problem.

Do you know the IP of that proxy?

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I dont know the IP of proxy. My knowledge about network is very low.

What program I use to found the proxy IP?

For situation clarify:

My home are located in the campus of my actual work and I use the his network to acess the internet.

For downloads the programs not permited here, or acess pages with "forbidend words", I use the one for two cybers from the city.

I remember an detail: in my last access to hflisp.org (from cyber) I saved the page "Current Windows XP SP2 updates" to my pendrive, after I dont more have acess to hfslp.

Thanks for all help.


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