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HFSLIP web site comments


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You are talking about this URL, right? : http://hfslip.org/advanced.html

General cleanup set for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003
That is a link to FDV's hosted file. Hopefully FDV and/or TC addresses this...

@TC: Maybe the index at the top of that page

1. HFSVCPACK - REG, INF and CMD files

2. FIX - Replace existing files in the source

3. HFEXPERT - Codecs, WIN files, replace apps & inject hives

4. FDVFILES - Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 2000

5. HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source

should be links to the appropriate sections?
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Good idea, TAiN. I added anchor links on the Advanced Features and Special Features pages.


Thanks for reporting the bad link. For the moment, all hfcleanup files are hosted on hfslip.org.

@Kiki again

I'm thinking of doing any of the following:

- add a black&white printer stylesheet so the pages can be printed off the web (might not work reliably in IE)

- offer a PDF file for download containing the site in plain b&w format

This might take a while to achieve, but is it along the lines of what you were after?

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  • 1 month later...

Have you guys seen this?


I ran it through the fish:

Basic howto of TommyP's HFSLIP being something which Japanese it tries translating, it does this page. (It added the index selfishly.)

You think that it differs from original literal translation, partly due to the fact that free translation is tried, but please acknowledge beforehand.

However, principle, it stops in the contents which you follow originally, draws up summary separately.

When the mistake and advice etc., you can point out various types, it is delightful, is.

This person, Manabu Serata, doesn't seem familiar to me. If you are here, please say hi :hello:

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On a related note, I saw on a German language board last year some guy had hosted hfslip on his own site, rewrote most of the instructions, claimed credit, the whole deal. He forgot to change the contents of the binary... anyway, I'm sure he thought he was well beyond our reach until I had someone write some nastiness in German for me, and I posted it. Looks like this guy is bringing HFSLIP to the masses in Japan but keeping credit where it's due, which is good...

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Hi, TAiN and other MSFN members

Thank you for providing hfslip, a great useful tool. :)

I am the person putting the translated web pages of TommyP's hfslip on the Internet.

In order to understand the detail usage of hfslip, I translated some web pages of TommyP's hfslip into Japanese language, because we have little information of hfslip in Japanese.

And the translated pages have been put (without TommyP's and other maintainers' permit) on the Internet to help Japanese hfslip users.

The pages are under construction currently.

But glad I could be of some help.

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Welcome to the forum, SeraMana! :hello:

It would have been nicer if you had coordinated with us for your web page but thankfully you didn't claim it all as your own as that other person apparently did. :no:

I'd be interested to see TommyP's endorsement of this as well as a possible integration of your translation into the main site.

Again, welcome!

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