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[Request] Run Command Box Custom Bitmap


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I haven't heard from WolfX2! :-)

I'd like the STARS bmp for RUN dialog box.

I'm sure WolfX2 can make a more beautiful one.

Ah, its 400x75x24b!

better late than never :)


Edited by WolfX2
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if you mean the excessive use of special effects, then ya, that's the WolfX2 touch

Yes, there's excessive use of special effects. But, you have a good sense in making all stars look alive.

However, your 6th pic in post #5 is the best IMO.


i cant design a image to save my image .. im no good at this

i just use images i find out there

I mean that you freely changed dimensions of RUN BOX.

Your pics are nice.

I can use Adobe Photoshop to do something to my pics.

My RUN and SOLAR pics are made with Adobe from scratch.

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Hey mazin can you show me were you get the desired size for your run boxes?

What part of the script do you change?

WARNING! n00b Alert

I want to make one from my sig 300x100

While in ResHacker, I just pull the edges of the RUN BOX.

These numbers are changed accordingly: 1003 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 337, 130

But before I do that, I design my pic (or pick one) then add it to BITMAP resources. I, then, resize the RUN BOX according to my pic.

If RUN BOX looks ugly or looks like not well-organized with my pic, I design or pick a new pic.

I do that till I get my desired RUN BOX.

I hope I got you correctly.

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