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[Request] Run Command Box Custom Bitmap


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I found this cool hack on Digg.com http://weblogs.asp.net/cumpsd/pages/194736.aspx


Can someone anyone make some cooler ones for me pleeeeeez?

Dimensions: 271x78

Format: Bitmap

Also post the ones you made for yourself and we can have a laugh or two. :P

If you dont know how to make one still I will apreciate your ideas for the designers.

You Guys Are The Best! :thumbup

Thank you

IDEA: Can someone make two one for RyanVM and another for nLite, so I or someone with "Addon Making Skills" can try and make a custom addon for Integration/Slipstreaming into XP CD-Rom.

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Thank you gunsmokingman for the cool links,

You can bet ill be doing more shell32 hacking

But what Im asking for is a custom bitmap from WolfX2 or Sars they are masters @ what they do.

I suck at photoshop. :lol:

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