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Windows 98 + ME *still* alive campaign + logos

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:sneaky: its funny after traveling to the forums the lack of concern about 98se.to think many of these forums cut their teeth running 98 and now seem to shun it like the plague.Its anicient ya 2 years older than xp.its 9x the kernel is unstable hmmm like nt is all the hype it was supposed to be.Ms no support your os is now pronged to every virus disease on the planet better upgrade or die.if u ask me i can,t think of a patch outside of the famous shutdown fix for 98 that has helped or hinder me.I suppose like rats 2 cheese were all suppose to follow the masses adopt each new os and critize the last one.But the idiots posts ived read all seem to just run 98 down because its the cool thing 2 do some kind of peer pressure that if a mod says it suck best agreed or look stupid defending your own opinions .myself i lov the speedy little os that could ,more websites more programs just more fun was had with 98se during the golden age 1998-2003 .Why are these programmers making apps for 98se cause they remember how it taught them about tweaking etc.sure as manufacters get on the nt bandwagon and drop 9x support in their installer many continue to include it. i sometimes wonder why w2k users think their immune to lack of support and once again the stuff comming out of this forum the sps the kernel this revolution that is amazing. their wasnt this kinda stuff made during 98-2003 this is great.in closing dont follow the leader choose the os u feel comfortable with and best suites your needs. i hear mdgx got a site on aol .lol 98se 4ever 4 now!! Edited by timeless
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Looks like they may have delete d my post

I posted again


they deleted mine too i think. its giving me the exact same error again.

The post is still there. It's because the permissions were set to block you from seeing that forum, AFAIK!

You may have gotten banned. If that error message appears with every forum, that means you probably gotten banned! If you gotten banned, you shall have an E-mail message from that message board about a ban.

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the tech guy thread died :no:

you mean the tech guy "Windows 98 + ME *still* alive" campaign" thread is closed (locked)

I would be more than happy to support Windows 98 SE,you see my PC is good but my Video Card is only good for 800x600 Resolution so Windows XP is out.But I like Windows 98 Se,its fast and clean.I will do what ever I can to help Windows 9x Systems live on to the next 10 years tops.As long as there are some kind of patches and fixes,windows 98 is very powerfull :thumbup

your graphics card can only work for 800x600 screen resolution, FoxHound? that's sad. :( my old computer has a 2Mb video card that can use up to 1280x1024 resolution and up to 32bit True Color [16.7 million colors] mode and running Win98se. how much video RAM does your old video card have?

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I am going to lend a hand to this in my own way, and include a link here when I do.

You guys have inspired me to step up my campaign of sticking up for 9x users and stomping out the attitudes among developers that rate a human life's worth based on the OS a person runs. It's bigotry.

For 3 years I put up with being insulted, picked on, badgered, badmouthed, and kickbanned from chatrooms (mostly dev rooms) solely because I ran WinME, had AOL as my 33.6k dialup ISP, and I program in Delphi. (3 things dear to my heart :wub: )

If you want to see my views on this and a peek into my plans, I posted a bit here today:


My comment is #4. (I don't know why my username wasn't included in it)

I may need some help from you guys with the content of the actual message to the world.

I will post again as my project unfolds...I plan on it being something quite big if it takes off....kind of like the 'spread firefox' campaign. :D

Together we can not only keep 9x alive, but ensure there is new quality affordable software made to run on it, too. :thumbup

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