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  1. Ahhh...and here is our other big 9x trout fan and tester. Hello, Drugwash.
  2. Media Players + Encoders + Codecs ONGD - FREE/donationware - Trout audio player (supports scrobbling to last.fm) http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/ind...p?topic=16157.0 This is a very actively developed, very frequently updated, rather feature loaded, portable audio player with a minimalistic user interface, written entirely in AHK (hard to believe, but it's true!). There are no silly skins with this player. And it has some tricks you may not have seen in other players before. It was released as part of DonationCoder.com's New Apps for the New Year event (NANY 2009) and has quickly developed a rabid userbase of creative fans. I am one of them. This is my player of choice on both my XP and WinME machines. I have an 11 year old, 233mhz, 64mb RAM, WinME machine on 33.6k dialup. I know the developer and am one of those that conducts 9x testing for him, prior to release of any feature he is unsure if it will work on 9x or a really slow PC. (I eagerly volunteered for that job) He does his own testing in a Win98SE VM, but since he doesn't have a real 9x machine, ME, dialup, or a really slow PC, that's where I come in handy. Trout has a few very minor 9x issues (no tag editing, for instance) but the developer listens and tries like heck to make us Trout users as happy as he can, including those on 9x. Last.fm support in general was because I asked for it. Last.fm support on 9x was because I begged him for it. When I told him how much I loved that site and was almost completely forced off it when my XP machine died last year (took me a long time till I could afford to replace it), and how I would have killed for a 9x compatible player that supported scrobbling to last.fm, I managed to convince him that trying to support 9x was worth the extra effort. You can also be part of the development process if you wish too, by providing feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. Let your imagination fly and not only can this become the best audio player for 9x, it can become the best on any version of Windows.
  3. OK I am back... Finished: Phase 1: create graphics ToDo: Phase 2: Website What I plan on doing is making an information page for both developers and users that will not only explain the benefits of developers continuing to support 9x, but links to 9x info/support sites, which will include many (if not all) the ones on the page created by MDGx. Part of the problem with posts about this being deleted on forums is that it does look a bit self promotional. But if a link to the 9x related forum you are posting on was also included on the info page, it might not be regarded as such and may be less likely to end up deleted. There has to be something in it for them they can agree with, and I think this may be it. There is also a problem with how the current page is designed. The info comes after a list of links. It should be the other way around and have some order to it that sorts the links in a much easier to read style. It's not that hard to make it look less like something from 1997 and still work in older browsers. I will then ask all 9x users and supporters to put a graphic on their site linking to the page. Rules for developers and other supporters: You can only use the graphic on pages containing software and services that works on 9x...but not only does it have to work, you have to make sure it works and be committed to continuing 9x support in that application or service. This is for developers and tech support people that are willing to go the extra mile. This graphic is to be a badge of honor. Use of this badge will entitle you have your software or service included in a directory of developers and tech support people willing to support 9x. (free advertising!) Rules for users: Use & love your 9x. Be proud of it. Have no shame. Hold your head up high and display the graphic where you desire. Graphics for developers and support technicians (hot linking allowed): Graphics for users (hot linking allowed): I do not have the page to link to ready yet, nor do I have anything prepared for the developers & services directory. For now, link to MDGx's page here: http://www.mdgx.com/spx/ I would not have a problem with continued and permanent linking to his page if the rest of my ideas were somehow implemented, such as adding the supporters to a directory of some sort. If completion of Phase 2 becomes necessary, and I have to do the work myself, I will report back with the url to link to. Now...all that being said, feedback is desired. Is my effort appreciated? Is there any issues you would like to discuss?
  4. It's not only still alive, it's improved with Calmira: http://www.calmira.de/ and even has an XP look: http://users.pandora.be/azone/calmira/calxp40.htm It can even support long file names with the LFN version of Calmira. If they can keep 3.11 going this long and improve it...we can do the same with 9x for just as long, if not longer.
  5. I am going to lend a hand to this in my own way, and include a link here when I do. You guys have inspired me to step up my campaign of sticking up for 9x users and stomping out the attitudes among developers that rate a human life's worth based on the OS a person runs. It's bigotry. For 3 years I put up with being insulted, picked on, badgered, badmouthed, and kickbanned from chatrooms (mostly dev rooms) solely because I ran WinME, had AOL as my 33.6k dialup ISP, and I program in Delphi. (3 things dear to my heart ) If you want to see my views on this and a peek into my plans, I posted a bit here today: http://www.msfn.org/comments.php?catid=1&id=17681 My comment is #4. (I don't know why my username wasn't included in it) I may need some help from you guys with the content of the actual message to the world. I will post again as my project unfolds...I plan on it being something quite big if it takes off....kind of like the 'spread firefox' campaign. Together we can not only keep 9x alive, but ensure there is new quality affordable software made to run on it, too.
  6. If you would like to try a different web server, I think Xerver will run on Win95. It's Java based and very light when run in non-gui mode. I have had much success with it on my old 233mhz machine with WinME. http://www.javascript.nu/xerver/ Be sure to read the help section about getting it to work with Perl: http://www.javascript.nu/xerver/help/index.html
  7. Have you considered adding the unofficial WMF exploit patch from Paolo Monti? Since Microsoft isn't going to fix this problem for WinME users, it might be a good idea to include this. It is the only patch I have found that is for 9x too. You'll find it at the bottom of the page here: http://www.nod32.ch/en/download/tools.php BTW...I am glad you guys are doing this. It's nice to know that someone is gathering this stuff and putting this together for those that may want to reinstall WinME on their old pc at some point in time after Windows Update goes dark for them. I own a P1 that is unfriendly to most versions of Windows. Seems only Win3.1 and 9x drivers are available for most of it's hardware and it has modem/sound issues with 98SE. Only WinME has been able to make this PC stable and fully usable. Not too many people would go through the trouble & work that you guys are. Thanks for caring about us.
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