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Win XP or Server 2003


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I would definitly recommend windows xp pro, because it has many new features and would really benefit and complement the pc.............

Yep i already got XP Pro just thought about asking to see if people think about win2k3 but thanks for the advice on which one.


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I ordered the evaluation copy of 2003 just to play around with it, and here's what I thought. It does make a very fast and stable workstation, but it's a lot of work to get it set up properly. Meanwhile XP is also very fast and stable once you turn off visual styles and some useless services. Once both operating systems are set up properly I really don't see much difference in speed and stability. One thing that 2003 has going against it right now is driver support. Intellipoint will not install on it, and some of my other hardware was a bit flaky. Sure it makes a great OS for gaming but better than XP? Not really in my opinion. Bottom line to me, it just is not worth the trouble to set up as a workstation, and it's not as well supported as XP for consumer type programs and hardware. Throw in the fact that it costs a LOT of money (for those who still pay for their software these days) and it's a no brainer.

Stick with Windows XP.

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I installed 2k3 on my brand new laptop. I found certified drivers for all hardware.

What I had was a very fast and stable OS, and I only found one thing, but that made me go back to WinXpPro:

When ever I start a movie, using WMP9, it would take a long time to start playing. This I could live with. But the next time I wanted to start the program, nothing happened, exept explorer.exe went to 100% CPU usage and I had to reboot. :)

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I'm probably gonna get castrated with all these XP lovers :D but I have to say I'm not very fond of XP Pro, but rather prefer Win2000. I do agree XP is more pleasant to the eye, good user interface and pretty much good all around. However, I work with access and excel mostly and for some reason, the darn thing (XP) crashes on me all the time! And its sooooooo slow at times.

It may not be a hard crash most of the time but subtle ones like switching back and forth from one application and back just so the toolbar buttons work, etc. Yes the OS's were set up correctly and yes I do updates and no my programs (as well as my co-workers) that were made, were made correctly! :rolleyes: Anyhow, I've messed with 2k3 a bit but haven't really had the chance to use it much. I got the MSDN CD here in the office somewhere but you know how long updates can take in a company.....

My 2000 machine has yet to give me 1 error message in over a year while my XP pro machine freezes, beeps, burps and farts pretty much every night.

So before I get slammed, I'm not anti-XP, just pro-2000. :)

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If I where you, I would try the win2k3, cause you are able to try it for free. Then if you dont like it you can afterwards use XP or 2000.

You can sign up for a copy of win2k3 here :)

I use win2k3, and I think it is great. I have used the MSFN guide to make it a workstation.

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Will, my expeirences with XP Home and Pro have been crap, wit hall the security updates, all the junk automatically installed by M$, I'd say their the 2 worst OS's (besides ME which is in it's own realm) m$ has ever made, I much more prefer using 2k3, it's a lot faster, doesn't over heat the HD, runs every single appilcation (thanks to tweakNT), and it's the most stable OS I hacve ever been on! I mean, I've had 2k3 for 2 weeks now, and it hasn't crashed once. XP crashed on me at least 3 times a day. To sum it up XP = Crap

2k3 = heaven :)

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:) Windows 2003 faster and better than xp.Espacially big network systems.But some programs can't working.I'm sorry about this

could you give some examples that what kind of programs don't work on Windows 2003 ?

well, I think you mean Drivers, not Programs..

all programs that runs on XP should run smoothly on Win2003 as they both use win32, not like windows 98 & mellinnium that use win16 applications..

In my openion, The most irritating thing in windows 2003 is the driver support, but i think this problem should be overcomed the next few months..

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