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  1. Change windows version with regedit

    I don't know how or if you can do that, but if you are trying to install a program that uses an msi installer you can use the Orca msi editor to modify the installer. I did this with Doom 3 for example, worked fine after that. There are tutorials that tell how to use it and you can find out where to get it here if you want: http://support.installshield.com/kb/view.a...ticleid=q107066
  2. The Neverending Folder

    Now that I've looked again, I see what's going on. The Application Data junction has another Application Data folder in it, and that one has another one in it, and so on to infinity. None of the other junction folders (local settings, nethood, cookies, etc) has a copy of itself inside. The only ones that do this are the "local settings/application data" folders. It must be a bug, unless there is some reason for them to be like that. Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Edit: I found a very confusing explanation stating that this is by design. Scroll down to the post made at 10:39 AM. I am not sure if that's correct or not, I guess it is but I have a headache now so I'm going to bed.
  3. The Neverending Folder

    What is up with this? Screenshot If I understand the way the new junctions feature works, it so older hard coded applications that look for a certain folder, say Documents and Settings, will get redirected to the new Vista location Users. However in this case if I click on the link, instead of taking me to the location it points to it just opens another instance of itself. Clicking again opens another one, until eventually explorer locked up on me. Maybe I'm mistaken but that's not supposed to happen is it?
  4. some more patch & updates for 98fe/se

    Thanks, it's a very nice resource.
  5. Oblivion and Vista

    I am running build 5536 and Oblivion plays fine with the included Vista ATI driver; I tried the beta Catalyst drivers from ATI and they were a mess so I had to remove them. I had to install DirectX 9.0c, but Vista just copies the D3D9 dll files, it doesn't affect DirectX 10. Didn't even have to restart. Actually it only starts out fine, seems faster than in XP at first. The only issue I'm having is that after playing for about an hour the game gets slower and slower until it's a slide show, and exiting the game takes a while. It's like it continues to consume all the system's RAM until there isn't any left, like a memory leak or something.
  6. Vista and Flash Drive Page file

    Not all flash drives are supported, make sure you get one that's Readyboost compatible. I'm not sure if you can put your page file on a flash drive or not, but that would have nothing to do with Readyboost. Here is a nice FAQ about it: http://blogs.msdn.com/tomarcher/archive/20.../02/615199.aspx
  7. Tutorial: Remove Evaluation Watermark from Desktop

    Yeah, the link didn't work for me either so I took the address of the French version and removed FR from the file name. It worked, here is the English link: http://eoxus.free.fr/files/RC1_desktop_tag_patch.rar
  8. Vista System Sounds

    Vista does not have new sounds yet, they are the same ones that are in XP. Hopefully they'll replace them before RTM, I remember a whole big thing a while back about them hiring some guy to make the new sounds for Vista.
  9. Tutorial: Remove Evaluation Watermark from Desktop

    Thanks very much, I was looking for a way to turn this off. Yes, I believe TweakUI has this option.
  10. Some questions about NT3

    Windows NT has always used the NTFS file system. I've never heard of HTFS; you may be thinking of HPFS from OS/2.
  11. [How-to] Detect license type of windows

    Early on when that Dell VL version leaked everyone referred to it as the corporate or corp version, and I guess the name stuck. It drives me crazy when people call it that also.
  12. do you dig Microsoft?

    On my main computer I run Windows. I find it's best for gaming and just general use because it really is easier to use and it supports practically everything in the way of hardware. On my older computer I run Solaris 10, which is really nice, secure and stable but is still somewhat lacking in hardware support. I've used Windows since 3.0 so yeah I suppose you could say I "dig it".
  13. Those guys are idiots, in that interview they make Bill Gates out to be some evil tyrant. Look how much he has given to charity though, and like Windows or not he has really helped take computing from big universities and such into the average person's home. In some cases a pie in the face can be funny, but not in real life in front of millions of people. That had to be humiliating, and I imagine his feelings were hurt as well (yes he's rich but he's still a person).
  14. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    Another urban bling racer. What happened to racing exotic cars through the Swiss Alps or the Irish countryside? I'm sick of racing around in a ghetto, and I'm sick of all the ricer crap. At least this game takes place in the daytime, it's a small improvement. It's still an arcade fest though, give me Porsche Unleashed anyday.
  15. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    Good question. That poll wasn't very well thought out. Windows 2000 isn't even on the list, nor is NT. Of course MS-DOS was not a version of Windows, and versions from the future definately shouldn't be on there.