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Win XP or Server 2003


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I have a question for all you guys who recommend Server 2003. How can one afford or justify the cost of a server licence when all you need is a desktop. It requires activation on day one so you can't even experiment during the normal 30 day period just to see what it is like. I wonder how you guys do it.

Any suggestions?

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It doesn't require activation on Day 1, you still get a 14 day grace period. As for the cost you can download a full-functional 180-day trial from M$ for free. That way you can get a decent feel for 2003.

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Ok... I've had it with this thread. It doesn't contribute anything useful at all.

Unless you've got stupendous amounts of money to throw around, you wouldn't buy Windows Server 2003 to run as a workstation. Server 2003 Web starts at about $400 and the prices only go up from there. As a workstation, there's very little that you gain with 2003 over XP.

If someone has a really valid reason on why this thread should be re-opened, PM me.

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