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    Just want to have fun!
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  1. 3D Chess Wallpaper

    Nice! I love it!
  2. Which Theme Should I Use?

    There are allso a lot og themes Here at dotproject.org.. -UPAZ
  3. Hello to all !

    Gütentag! -And velcome! Have fun!
  4. Which OS do you think is/will be the best?

    Win2k3 - fast and stable!!
  5. Win XP or Server 2003

    If I where you, I would try the win2k3, cause you are able to try it for free. Then if you dont like it you can afterwards use XP or 2000. You can sign up for a copy of win2k3 here I use win2k3, and I think it is great. I have used the MSFN guide to make it a workstation.
  6. greetings

    Microsoft staff, I am imprested! But a warm welcome to you!
  7. What u playing at the moment?

    Need for speed HP2, and simfarm
  8. Hello

  9. hey hey

    Hello and welcome!
  10. Hey hey MSFN!

    That I will!
  11. To sp1 or not to sp1?

  12. To sp1 or not to sp1?

    I would recommend you to install SP1 (or SP1a) but as AaronXP says I would also recommend you to slipstream into your XP.. I havent had any problems with SP1.
  13. Hey hey MSFN!

    Thanks for the warm welcome... Before I start posting, I just want to say that english is pretty bad.. But i will do my best to get you understand. I am looking forward to some happy posting! -UPAZ Have a great day everyone!
  14. Hey hey MSFN!

    Hello everybody ! It is just me - from Denmark, that wants to join this community.. I am looking forward to some posting... -UPAZ