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WGA Soon to be Shutting down your PC.

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OK get this I have 2 PC's sitting side by side using the same internet connection and a legit corp key and one passes validation and one does not.

P.S. I know the key is still legit because I have it installed on over a dozen pc's and all validate except for this one...

Check the date and time setting, WGA is sensitive about those!

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^There may be a limit as to how many copies you can install. BTW, to all, WGA has been cracked. So if you don't want to worry about it, just crack it. Now I'm not going to say where or how to do it, but I say you should be able to because it's your LEGIT copy of an OS that you spend good money for.

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This whole concept is so outragious. Sence when did you not own WHAT YOU PAY FOR?! It's quite sad that it takes something like this for the majority of ppl to even want to kill the idea of WGA. Us here in the forums are intelegent enough to know what is coming in and out of our systems but what about those who don't know better? I have made it a personal mission to inform every laymen I can about the evils of WGA and other things that M$ does. I believe that if enough ppl know then M$ won't have a choice but to change or go out of business.

Oh and this is kinda of topic but I found it funny. Google shows 150,000+ results for legal action towards M$


If this type of information was on the evening news I think that things would change very quick.

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If Windows XP were a DVD player attached to your TV, and your TV broke and had to be replaced

Microsoft would also make you buy a new DVD player.

Read the EULA you do not own the software, you bought a license.

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Ya thats rigt.

We are only have a License to use M$ Windows by EULA

they hav full power to control THEIR OS how to work on OUR MACHINE

Does this give them an indirect License (by us) to SHUTDOWN OUR MACHINE ?? (even havin valid license) ??

Or there is any clause in EULA ??


Due to (Feared of) M$ licensing Issues our college shifted frm XP,2K server to RHEL 4 WS & AS for abt 500+ PCs


using windows wich havin internet and public access, defintely require an antivrus

it required same no. of license frm Norton (yearly) which college was used.

+ office (XP ) suite

== too much of cost. and liabilty

+ too much difficulty in havun a CAN

and one day, despite of all these the whole (abt 90%) computers were blocked due to virus.

thats why college shifted to linux and OOo and had iptables firewall

and CAN

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If I am not using the software for anything but my qwn home system and NOT selling or giving it away as [racked version MS can go blow a GREAT BIG GREEN DICK!!! It is MINE I PAID for it and POSESSION is 9/10ths of the law. MS your EULA does not mean anything to me. I am not pirating it, and if I want to [rack it for my OWN purpose so be it. I hope there is a class action suit brought against MS here in the sates about this but as another user made comment european public has better law for end users. Guess it's time to break my amigas out of mothball. Or go the route of the Penguin.


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So since I am buying the EULA, not the OS, can't I change everything within the OS to a point where it's not Windows anymore, thereby invalidating the EULA? Something like this happened with Lindows. Although, I'm sure something this ovbious is covered in the EULA.

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Actually, I read somewhere that an EULA is not a legal document... something to do with it not being negotiable and not signed by both parties.

Agreed, but when you install windows on a pc you are supposed to have read the EULA and agreed to it. That means tacit agreement which M$ takes as signed agreement. Just a question: I live in Romania where the average salary / month is around 120 USD. How is supposed someone with that kind of salary buy a legit copy of Windows that sells for around 150 USD??? I really think that M$ should drop their prices. THAT is the way to fight piracy, not enforcing that WGA cr/-\p... You hear, M$? DROP THE PRICE!!!

PS. That doesn't mean that I haven't got my copies of windows bought with a licence... :sneaky:

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This topic says we shouldn't talk about how to circumvent WGA


Since M$ knows there would be a forum with or without them, they decided it would be better that they have control over it, hence the birth of MSFN.

M$ gives away its OS to non profit organizations. The true reason for this is that they don't want Linux to gain a foothold here.

I'm afraid things will have to get much much worse, and then there will be revolution. But nothing will ever be peachy

happy ending.

Don't let me forget the BSDs, like FreeBSD

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Since M$ knows there would be a forum with or without them, they decided it would be better that they have control over it, hence the birth of MSFN.



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