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  1. WGA Soon to be Shutting down your PC.

    This whole concept is so outragious. Sence when did you not own WHAT YOU PAY FOR?! It's quite sad that it takes something like this for the majority of ppl to even want to kill the idea of WGA. Us here in the forums are intelegent enough to know what is coming in and out of our systems but what about those who don't know better? I have made it a personal mission to inform every laymen I can about the evils of WGA and other things that M$ does. I believe that if enough ppl know then M$ won't have a choice but to change or go out of business. Oh and this is kinda of topic but I found it funny. Google shows 150,000+ results for legal action towards M$ http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls...its&spell=1 If this type of information was on the evening news I think that things would change very quick.
  2. Just a thought but if you have access to another computer you could expand the file from the cd and save it to a floppy. Then copy the file from the floppy to your system32 dir. Hatefulsorrow
  3. photoshop cs2?

    If you google it you'll find the answer. But the general idea is that you need to edit the Abcyy.ini file for the installer so that you don't need to enter a serial, user name and/or company. Like i said though, google is your friend in finding how to edit this file. Hatefulsorrow...
  4. I think that he means the boot portion of the scandisk utility. I have been woundering about this as well.
  5. [REQUEST] Vista Trasformation Pack 4

    I've already made a cab to be integrated via RyanVM's Integrater. It works like a charm and I have had no problems. If anyone is interested let me know via PM.
  6. Explorer hangs with defective CD/DVD in drive

    Just a thought but as a temporary fix you could always turn off the autorun. That would explain why explorer grinds to a halt when ever a disk is insterted into the drive. All you need is a reg tweek and your done. Search the forum and you'll find it. Good luck. Hatefulsorrow
  7. Which version of Nero do you use?

    I use Nero 6 Portable. Very lite. Only 17 MB and doesnt require an install. It was origanally designed for use off a thumb drive but works very well for a UI. It doesnt have any extras, just the burning app and iso features. No wave editing or start smart, ect.
  8. WiFi puzzle

    Another thing to concider would be checking the settings on the router it-self. I have a 2wire wireless router and it wont allow new wireless connections until they have been aproved of by the network administrator. IE myself. If the router is configured this way it may be your problem. Also is there any software that came with the wireless card? I know its a dumb question but some wireless cards cant connect unless you are using their designated software. Just thought. Good Luck, Hatefulsorrow
  9. WiFi puzzle

    also on the machine that isnt connecting, you might want to make sure that the Wireless Zero Configuration service is running and not disabled. I know its kind of a newbie thing to look for but some times the simple solution is overlooked.
  10. most likly after windows is running.
  11. Changing "Program Files" directory?

    You could edit the txtsetup.sif part of the setup to make the two new directories or, VascoMan stated, call a mkdir to make both the software and the software\programs directories. Also if you need to use the double slash path IE Software\\Programs Be sure to put all slashes as doubles IE: D:\\Software\\Programs Cheers
  12. combining print screen images

    You could merge the images in Photoshop.....
  13. Question

    I was woundering if its possible to have the GUI part of a windows installation to show in verbose mode. Kinda like the regitry tweek that make windows logon show everthing its doing. Any ideas?
  14. Windows System 32 Pop up looks like DOS

    If you can locate the file on your computer then delete it. If access is denied then download Unlocker (can be found on the forum somewhere) and use that to gain access to delete it. My general thing with files is: If I didn't install it and it didn't come with windows then delete it. Hope this helps. Cheers, Hatefulsorrow
  15. XP Pro Unattended reboot issue

    @Dirk No problem and good luck. Hatefulsorrow