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Exercising....Workin Out..?


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I was working out about 4-5 days a week, doing cardio at least 4 times at 45 min each but for the last month or so I havn't touched the gym. I need to get back as the sitting in front of the monitor is starting to show. :blushing:

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Getting into situps each morning, badminton for an hour a week, and swimming for an hour a week.

Oh, and nice home gym you got there!

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I run for 4km every other day and make 100 pushups in 5x20 series :)

That is enough for my condition..

Sometimes I drive on my bicycle.. :whistle:

Technically its ride... sorry.. I'm being such a spelling and grammer nazi lately!

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Good to see some excercising getting done here.. LOL!!

Those who complimented on my weight room, ...Thanks.. :)

I went to a cable system, all in one workout centre for a short time, sold it quickly and went back to my free weights..

Old Dawg..Old Tricks I guess, just didn't seem the same to me.. B)

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I workout every 30 minutes... as i get up and get me something to eat... lol.

probably a bad habit, but last time i really worked out was my sophmore year of highschool, like 5 or 6 years ago haha.

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