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Nero is out and there is good new and bad news.

The good news is that the old ( AutoIt script still works to silently install this and more importantly the problem of Nero not being listed as a handler in 'Auto Play', is resolved.

The bad news is that the script is no longer succesfull in picking the components you want installed. Basically, regardless of the components you chose for installation in the script, the whole of the Nero package gets installed.

I guess we need a new script for this.

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No, everyone is using hp38guser's Nero Lite Installer or built an own installer. :D

I disagree with you Dynaletik - a good number of people do use Autoit Nero 7x script for installation...

Yes felix, i agree i use Boardbabe's excellent autoit script for last version you have the choice what you want to install ok you need full nero installer but you end up with what you want, i still cant make my mind up as reguards to what to use nero 7 looks good but so is nero 6 and a lot smaller after using NCAB from vcBlackBox credits to him = 23MB Nero+Nerovision Express+Nero tools still does all i need :D
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I disagree with you Dynaletik - a good number of people do use Autoit Nero 7x script for installation...

That's the reason, why it was a joke. I also think, that the script is impressive, but until it is updated, I made an installer for me, that only installs my needed components and integrates the key.

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Is anyone working on an AutoIt Script for this? I wish I knew how to do it I would write one myself. But I guess we can only appeal to Broadbabe to do rewrite her old script to make it work for v7.2.0.3

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bummers, still no response on this script? Anyone willing to share their own autoit script that works for I cannot seem to figure out why the script stopped working, been playing with it for a few hours. Odd.


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It's not the script that stopped working, the Nero installer stopped accepting MSI Properties, the /qn and /norestart still work but the properties do not (except for the SERIALNUM_USERVAL), not even when manually entered at the cmd-line.

and there seem to be 3 extra properties, CB27B709E, CDA5EA0D9 and CF99127CF but no description can be found for these properties.

great installer NOT!

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lots of people asking for it, and I have resisted switching to Nero7 because I didn't like the 'extras', and didn't like the 'lite' version.

I have borrowed some of the code from an earlier Auto-It script (downloaded it a while ago, so don't remember whose it was - to whomever, respect is due), and done my own automation.

PLEAE NOTE - this is the first script I have published, I write scripts for myself, and this is BY FAR the neatest script I have done (this is the first to use regions to tidy things up!) so if it is not up to 'standard' I apologise - also because of this i fully expect to have things that don't work for some people - useful feedback will be taken & i will do what I can to update the script as best I can.

Now, on to the script itself:

The Script starts with some options for Auto-It , I set the Mouse Click to be relevant to the Application Window and the Title to match any substring (for people not installing the ultra version).

Then there are User Options, enter your Serial number here, the filename for the installer, and choose which components you want installed by putting a y, Y, n or N. Choose the Shortcut Options, and the 'Advanced' options (this code was lifted directly from another script). There is also a value for DelayTime - I use this to make the script run smoother by putting delays here & there - also because although it is unattended it doesn't mean i don't want to see what is happening!

The Initial Install section goes through the start-up screens, clicking the only available options, Note that there is a delay imposed on the First screen, as it seem s to refresh itself several times before allowing you to click next. I have set the delay to 3 seconds (3000) which should be suitable for most, but it can be changed.

Now for the Interesting bit, Customising the Install options; I have used MouseClick to change the options, and have had to 'page down' repeatedly for the bottom half of the list. i have tested this a few times, but i expect people to have problems with it - mouseclick is not my favoured way of doing these things, but in this case it seems to work best.

The next section completes the installation, selects the Shortcut Options, and chooses not to reboot.

the final section adds the extra customisation which again was copied directly from another script.

That's it, if it works be happy, if it doesn't, try to figure out why and let me know (if you can help make it better it helps everyone!)


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Hi salawinder,

ThanKs a lot for the script, unfortunately, I've just tested it on VMWare, and everything seems to go well up until

Custom setup

Select the custom feartures you want installed

This is when it starts to hang! (I waited for 10 minutes...), which is perhaps what you were expecting.

If I click [next], it continues unattended up until the end, i.e. until the dialogue boxes end, and then it hangs again: the installation of the other software on my list is halted (and here I also waited for 10 minutes), which means I ended up having to abort the process.

I'm calling it (i.e. the compiled sript) from my RunOnceEX.cmd, with the following command:

REG ADD %KEY%\174 /VE /D "Nero7" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\174 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Nero7\Nero7.exe" /f

where Nero7.exe = the compiled script, but I don't think there's a problem here, otherwise it wouldn't even have started.

Finally, I didn't change anything in the script, except for adding my serial number, and from what I could see, that seems to have worked fine.

Did anyone else have the same problem?

Please help!

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change line 231

ControlClick ("Nero 7 Ultra Edition - Installation Wizard", "Select the program features", 10007 )


ControlClick ("Installation Wizard", "Select the program features", 10007 )

and it should work.

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I replaced the lines

MouseClick ( "left" , 266 , 271 , 1 , 1 ); Page down to get to next options


Send (" {PGDN 2} "); Page down to get to next options

At the product selection section, because the scrolling in the list didn't seem to work.

And changed the sortorder (maybe this is just for the dutch installer). Tools is named Extra and placed before NeroImageDrive

The click for Nero ImageDrive should be a bit higer because there are only 2 options available.

I also added the option to add name and companyname, if these values are empty they are left default.

And added an option to hide the unpacking screen.

I can post the edited script if requested. But I think it's better to let salawinder keep the script, and do the changes

Ohw and almost forgot:

thanks for the script salawinder, this will keep me (and others) going!

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