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What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?  

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  1. 1. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    • AntiVir
    • Avast
    • AVG
    • BitDefender
    • ClamAV
    • eTrust
    • F-Prot
    • Kaspersky
    • McAfee
    • NOD32
    • Norton
    • Symantec
    • Trend Micro
    • Other - ?
    • None!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'd vote for Norton Internet Security 2009. I expected a resource hogger because that's what I encountered while I was using Norton Internet Security '06 but this was a really good one. I bought a 1-year, 3-license pack and I've not turned back to any other. Before this I was using Kaspersky Internet Security 2008 which was good but it was a 1-year license also, so I decided to try NIS '09.

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How come nobody's talking about Bitdefender? I'm kinda confused. Because Wikipedia says its one of the best (but you can't really rely on wikipedia since there are alot of vandals out there) and apparently toptenreviews.com says its the best.

link: http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/

Literally, nobody talks about bitdefender! Like here in my country nobody uses BitDefender(I mean idk anyone who use Bitdefender)!

So what really is the best antivirus?

Would someone be kind enough to post a maybe a comparative report? hehe:D


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Wikipedia says its one of the best

It's on wikipedia so it must be true! Seriously, not sure what page you checked on there, but it's definitely not an AV review site, there is no testing involved there at all, and that content may have been written by *anyone* in the first place -- including anyone without a clue, or someone working for them (I'd like to find that claim, and refs backing it up).

toptenreviews.com says its the best

That site is TOTALLY worthless. Their ratings are absolutely laughable. Beyond pathetic. Besides, they do make money from referrals on sales, so they have a financial interest in what is claimed to be best (my guess is, whoever pays them the biggest cut gets rated first).

The best? There's threads with hundreds of (mostly pointless & boring) replies, and there are some sites that do actual testing on them... VB100, AV comparatives, etc.

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i use kis 7 with nod32 together;

i think kaspersky is good but it's not the best, but u can custum ur protection level with it

nod32 is easy to use but it offer a good protection level.

I think, your av choice depends on your needs and your knowledg

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Been using AVG free since version 7.0 up to 8.5 and it has been great. I cut out all the junk and it takes up hardly and resources. Cleans out all your viruses great. Definitely one of the best anti-virus programs out there and costs nothing!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I use AVG as well. The tech shop I work at installs and recommends AVG to everyone coming through the door (we do our drive scans with it as well), but in all the changes I've made since starting my employment there, I have yet to find a better AV recommendation. AVG lets some things slip by, and has its fair share of false positives (more falses then positives in my experience). Is there anything better that we should be recommending? Something that's unintrusive, automatically updates, good detection, light on resources, and freeware? Kinda a lot to ask, but AVG seems to do quite a good job ;)

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  • 3 months later...

I've been recommending AVG for the past 2 years, but I'm getting annoyed with the more recent versions that sneakily set Yahoo as the default search engine for browsers (or at least Firefox). I'd really like to turn people onto something open source like ClamWin, but I'm not sure how it compares to more popular freeware anti-virus software as far as monitoring for malicious activity and whatnot.

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A couple of folks have said that Eset NOD32 is lousy, I am curious to know what versions they were running, how was it configured etc. If they are so crappy then why have they received numerous awards from Virus Bulletin (VB100)? I have been using Eset products for a number of years and imho it beats everything else by a mile!!! I tried Kaspersky once and that slowed my system down to a crawl so it got binned pronto!!! In 5 years I think I have had about 5 viruses (one of which was my own fault) so one a year on average is **** good going in today's world of malware. I am now hoping to reduce that down to zero with now having Agnitum installed.

My current setup has changed a little recently I am now using Eset Anti-virus v4.0.437.0 along with Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro v6.5.5 (latest build), add to this mix of MalwareBytes Anti-malware v1.39 (registered), Spyware Blaster v4.2 (awesome piece of software) and Spybot S&D (though realtime protection is disabled due to the amount of memory it uses).

I was using Eset Smart Security but I got fed up with not being able to control specific applications through my firewall which I can do with Outpost, the settings are all turned all the way up plus Outpost gives you HIPS protection (Host Intrusion Prevention System... or something along those lines).

Add to this I have now joined Boot Camp over at SWI to learn how to use things like HJT and such tools properly.

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