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Commonly Known Tip?


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I came across this tip in two threads at Ars Technica:

Kill this instantly if this is common knowledge around here, but I get a lot of "WOW!" 's when I show this to IT-ish people while consulting:

When an error message pops up, hit CTRL+C. You will be able to paste the complete message content to your text editor of choice.


Start --> Run. Type some invalid command such as "sfksdhfslkf"

When you receive the "Windows cannot find...", hit CTRL+C.

Open Notepad.



As the poster thought likely, it didn't appear to be commonly known. How many here knew of it, and the other tip, "alt+Print Screen will copy the current window into the clipboard instead of the entire screen" given in the second thread?



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Second one I partially knew, managed it a couple of times, but always forgot what the hell I pressed. :blushing:

First one is new to me. I had generally relied on 'Print Screening' any error messages and posting the image if it was a long one.

Thanks for the tips! :thumbup

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