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  1. No problems here, Auto-update picked it up, I installed it. Restart. Not a peep out of it since.
  2. Thanks for the registry tweak - nice one.
  3. Second one I partially knew, managed it a couple of times, but always forgot what the hell I pressed. First one is new to me. I had generally relied on 'Print Screening' any error messages and posting the image if it was a long one. Thanks for the tips!
  4. I replaced my uxtheme.dll file manually, and have suffered no ill effects. Provided you follow one the guides to do it manually, or use a tried and tested patcher program, you should be fine. Also, if it does go horribly wrong (highly unlikely I think), dig out your original XP holographic disk, call up the recovery console, and put the original uxtheme.dll in its true place from the DOS type interface, then it should be happy again.
  5. I think it will wipe everything on both drives, and create one big C:\ drive.
  6. Also check out THIS if you prefer a more manual method. I haven't used Nlite, and following the directions in the Unattended Guide and RyanVM's site, I've managed to squeeze XP sp2+Updates till now, along with: Ad-Aware Adobe Reader 7 CCleaner Mozilla Firefox MSN 7.5 MsgPlus NotePad v2 QuickTime alternative Real Player alternative Steam (not the games) Spybot Search & Destroy WinAMP 5.1 Windows Media Player 10 WinRAR 3.2 .NET Framework 2 and a few custom XP themes. Into an ISO which is 624MB. So, still got some space to spare. Hope this helps - good luck with your CD.
  7. This only happens to me if I went into hibernation with a memory heavy application open. However the PC ticks along like normal if you leave I leave it crunching for 30 seconds or so. How much physical RAM and virtual memory do you have - as that may effect it.
  8. If you are using firewalls on your machines, you should put the IP address of your laptop into your desktop's 'Trusted Zone' in the firewall settings. And vice-versa. Once done, your machines should start talking to eachother. This is what I had to do, to get file sharing going anyway.
  9. Try installing .NET framework 2 I'm not sure why you're getting that error - but I think .NET Framework 2 is fully backwards compatible with .NET 1.1 applications.
  10. Seems a lot smoother than the previous version - and at last the big fat ugly default orange bar from the top is gone. Video Carousel now works for me. Renaming Contacts works without having to shut MSN totally. In short - it seems the MSN team have listened, and are delivering. My faith in the next version of Messenger is slowly being restored - though I'll still be A-patching it.
  11. Stardock probably have something like that, wouldn't know what its called though.
  12. How's this one? As far as I can tell, that is the one I have downloaded, if it is - it works great. Although you'll have to be careful to avoid the junkware it comes packaged with.
  13. I think I know the one you mean. In the unattended install there is an option to skip this screen, you just tell it what Usernames you want, and if to auto register or not, if done correctly, it won't even flash up. Not sure of the exact way to get rid of it off the top of my head, but it can definately be done.
  14. Odd, my original link is working fine for me. Also, I've downloaded the theme you're having trouble with, Areao4, and it works fine for me...however, there is no *.theme file. Therefor, the theme will only show up in the 'Appearance' tab of Display Settings. Does it appear here, or not?
  15. Luna, is the look XP has when it first installs, with the blue taskbar and green start button. The taskbar also comes in silver and olive. This is the Luna Solidasarock is talking about. If your taskbar and start button are grey, and look like Windows 98/2000 did, this is Windows Classic. You can download the Royal theme for Windows XP, install it manually, without the need to patch the uxtheme.dll, I believe this is the similar to the theme that XPize installs. Once the files are in the right place, and assuming you have a working uxtheme.dll, you can change to your new theme in Display Properties. I'm a little new to this myself, but I think what I've said is correct.
  16. It is my understanding, that anyone that currently has WLM Beta installed, will get automatically upgraded in a few weeks time WLM Blog Take a look at the Feb 14th entry. A couple more screen shots there too.
  17. Google suggests this: Patching your uxtheme.dll manually And, by I mean that I have 2 installations of XP on my machine. So I can boot into my "Recovery" installation of XP, and simply Cut+Paste the patched file, over the original in my "Main" installation of XP and since that is not in use, I don't get any of the Protected File difficulties. Here is my patched system, with TigerXP theming. Screenshot I haven't tried the method suggested in the link, but something for you to try. Good luck.
  18. I think the easiest way is to it manually. Find a pre-patched uxtheme.dll file, that matches your language and Service Pack. I think there are links to them in the Unattended Guide. And then replace the file manually - if possible. I did it while outside the "to-be-patched" XP install, so I don't know if you'll face "in use" errors. Not had a single problem related to it. Hope this helps - somehow.
  19. I use 'Remote Admin', to remotely control PCs over my network, it has the option to request permission to view/control, or just go ahead and do it. So, is THIS it? Although I don't think it has the ability to search though. Edit: Though, it can be used in conjunction with 'Advanced IP Scanner', in the Free Utilities part of the site, which seems to meet what you've said.
  20. That is the icon for the 'Control Panel' link in the Start Menu.
  21. Just before the Windows Boot screen appears, press F8, and you'll (hopefully) get to an options menu. If the option 'Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure' is there (or words to that effect), click it. Then, if Windows is Blue Screening, you should be able to note down the error it gives. Any use?
  22. Are you able to try a System Restore to go back a week or so. Hopefully that will sort it.
  23. The only time I've had this problem is after Windows Update thought it knew best. It didn't. It decided I needed to update my sound driver to C-Media. The problem there being I don't have C-media sound card, I have Realtek AC'97. A reinstall of the proper drivers = problem sorted. Since you've tried drivers, have you checked your BIOS settings? Making sure on-board sound is enabled (presuming yours is built into your motherboard) I don't see how it would have changed itself, but just an idea for you.
  24. I haven't tried this myself, but Google recommends this: Changing your BSOD colours No idea if it works, hope it helps anyway.

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