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  1. Hi all. I've been thinking of some names for a computer shop that would deal in hardware, sell PCS/laptops and repair PCs. I know you guys have great imagination and can help me think of a great name for it.
  2. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    It "saved" the memory dump but upon manual rebooting no files could be found...Grrrr Any clue on how to fix this?
  3. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    Did that and will reboot PC when I get back from work and dump my memory contents again...In the meanwhile, someone mentioned an alternative copier that does not use windows API...Know/Ever heard of one? Thanks for all your input for troubleshooting this problem.
  4. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    This seems to be my issue atm...But they are talking about vista. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/itprovistasetup/thread/7c1a5822-63ee-4758-82be-1c21da781bf2/
  5. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    Paging is set on OS drive. I got 2gb RAM so I set my paging to 2150MB. Rebooted to activate settings and did the crash dump thingy. No .dmp file anywhere. Maybe some i/o conflict?? At times, when burning dvds, it stops recognising the dvd burner too and I have to reboot....Burner is brand new. No issues whatsoever under XP...
  6. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    Did that memory dump thingy...It created a BSOD screen indicating that I initiated the dumping procedure...Upon reboot there is no .dmp file I can find...Searched PC for it and there was none... Any clues what to do now?
  7. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    I have ruled out hardware issues as it happens in different drives copy operations only. The HDD (including removable ones) other than the primary HD stops getting recognised or file transfer goes abysmally slow. Using windows built in firewall and microsoft security essentials... Ill try disabling security essentials and see how it goes...
  8. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    @iamthekey: Drive to drive(removable included) copying is fast... When I copy files to my 1TB HD (secondary), it sometimes stop getting recognised to WIN7 and I have to reboot. The drive is 100% working and is on nearly 24/7 and I download/copy to it daily. So I assume that the problem is with file copy operations. @cluberti: yes it happens with other copiers too. Tried teracopy also.
  9. Win 7 Extremely slow file copy operations

    Since upgrading to win7, I have been plagued by an extremely slow file copy operations while copying files in different HD/removable drives. Copy starts normally and quickly slows down to 1mb/s or even to kb/s speed at times. On removable drives, it can result in failure to copy. Ive tried different things to correct this and tried to use "fastcopy" as an alternative copier. So far, I've had no luck fixing this issue. I suspect it might be that my PSU is not giving enough juice to my hardware? Expert advice needed on what to do! Cheers and ty.
  10. WinRAR - 64bit !

    Im sorry but I disagree. 7z compression for me is better than RAR format in terms on saving space. As to which software is faster, is another issue though.
  11. Maybe you can try tools like HDD regenerator or spinrite to try to get the drive into working condition again?
  12. What games are you anticipating?

    Starcraft 2 Diablo 3 Thats about it (For online gaming)
  13. Choosing NTFS Cluster Size in windows

    Hi there. I got a few unanswered questions and a web/msfn search didnot really enlightne me up So I hope some reputable members have answers to my querries If you install XP on a new HDD and format it to NTFS with the built in option when installing windows, does it size the cluster to 4kb or 512 bytes? Also, what would you consider to be a good trade off in cluster sizes when formatting a 1TB harddisk partitioned in four 235GB partitions. They will be mostly used to store big video files and ISOs. I tried 16k cluster sizes but I see that you can even make 128k or 256k cluster sizes. What are the benefits of using such big clusters? I do know that you will get a lot of "lost" space if you store small files in big cluster sized disks... Hope to get a clear cut answer from you experts
  14. im looking for e new nickname

    I dunno... DarkSpider Lethalspider Spider@Deadly SpidoLogy or Spiderology WebSpider BlackWidowKiller I got no clue wat ure looking for Be more specific!
  15. Best privacy eraser tool?

    Im not meaning specifically intnernet related traces. I mean traces that Windows saves behind in the registry and that is never deleted. Most of the "MRU Deleting softwares" wont delete traces of all known applications. This can pause a serious privacy and security issue. A quick search in the registrt about those items will give you a clue about what I am meaning. RecentDocs MRU RunMRU Recent Files Recent mru I need a quick script/batch file or anything that will delete those traces from my registry. I DONOT want to disable them. Just delete them when necessary. Thanks fot your guys views and help