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What Not To Remove For Some Programs


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just a word of caution about disabling the start menu MRU file list:

i just caused a 2 day headache for the developer of FreePCB (circut board design s/w) because i disabled the startmenu MRU list. he changed his his code to make it work with it disabled however (available later tonight or tomorrow). the problem was 'exceptions' when trying to open or save a document. since i also removed dr. watson, it only made things that much more difficult for the poor fella :) i won't be removing either in future builds.

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I just wanted to add, renaming 'Program Files' might cause a slight inconvienience to those that use tools such as system (file) cleaners. For instance, if you use CCleaner - http://www.ccleaner.com/ or any other utility which has a database outlining the 'program' directory, it might not find the custom naming scheme if you do so.

An example, CCleaner uses '%ProgramFiles%' in it's .ini file. So the app wouldn't find your custom location and some features in CCleaner wouldn't work.

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In "Options" page, don't check "disable standby".

In Components, under compatibility, don't tick "Battery".

There's a tweak (maybe in unattended page) to disabled hibernate, don't check.

Apart from that, there's nothing to avoid.

(I'm running my laptop without any problem)

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I did not remove input method editor yet office 2003 updates wont work for me. It has been happening since a pretty loong time .

ranging from many versions of nLite and many windows cd. All i can remember is just once was my office able to update itself.

I have asked this question separatly in a thread but no help :(

Someone please come up with a solution!!!

i do not install the complete office suite though , i leave out quite many stuff. it should not matter i guess.

I can update the service pack but not the other!! What should i do?

I'm also having this problem... I read in this topic that the Volume Shadow Copy Service is also needed. just making a cd now with this included... gonna see if it works.

If anyone in the mean time has a list of everything needed by microsoft/office update then that would be great!

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Do not remove npptools.dll (I believe it's part of Network Monitor) if you use WinPcap for any reason (I use it for wc3banlist).

Took me a while before I discovered how to decompress NPPTOOLS.DL_ from my un-nlited xp-sp2-ryanvm-ed XP source.

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iTunes 6/7 + Winamp 5 + NTI CD Maker 6.5/7 Dependency: Wmasf.dll + Wmidx.dll

If you remove Windows Media Player 8 (but leave Windows Media Player Classic 6.4) with nLite from Windows XP these programs will not function correctly or will display missing file errors when opening because they require the following files that are removed: Wmasf.dll + Wmidx.dll. If you add these files back into the System 32 folder from an non mLited XP install these programs will function correctly with no errors. :thumbup

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