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  1. That would be an explanation. Then I can save the time to install Win again. Maybe someone's able to confirm this? Does opening "My Computer" and typing in an URL open a new browser window (with IE8 installed of course)? 5eraph, do you have an idea if it's possible to open IE core by sth. else? Usually I don't have a "Internet Explorer" folder with lexplore.exe (because of spyware etc.; IE core is also very restricted on my system except on certain sites; I use Opera primary). I only need the core seldom for WU (because automatic WU doesn't install all updates).
  2. Thanks, I tried it, but even after a cold restart windows explorer still opens the standard browser instead of displaying it in the same window. Very strange. I went back to my old backup, thus I can't update IE and can't use WU. Did you do anything else to solve this problem for your add-on?
  3. Sorry, I have WinXP SP3, so I guess the system32 part of your commands are interesting for me? I also made a backup before I installed IE8. I wanted to try out if my IE7 core was responsible for the defect automatic windows updates. With IE8 WU works, but as said no URLs in Windows Explorer. That's the background. Which original inf do you mean?
  4. Hello, I did a nlited installation with just IE core (no lexplore.exe). However this was a IE7 core and now I updaated to IE8. The problem is that I'm no longer able to open a web site from Windows Explorer (or My Computer). Instead Windows opens a new window with my default browser. Any ideas how to fix this?
  5. sacharja

    IE8 not removed

    @ccl0 As an Opera user you'd know the difference between alpha and beta: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_version#Alpha And yes, I'm using Opera
  6. sacharja

    IE8 not removed

    Actually I didn't "accidentally" integrate it, and it's not ALPHA software neither. You may check your facts before making fun of people I integrated it because it's safer than IE7, to make it even more safe and to keep space I want to remove the GUI and keep only the IE core for casual windows updates. nLite removes IE7 GUI, so I assume it should be working with IE8, too when it's finally released. Without considering that IE updates more files than just the browser engine, it also updates the the image viewer and many more system files and should always be up to date. Many programs use IE Core and the many other elements that are bundled with the setup, thus it's always a risk to use an older version (even if another browser is used). As for the lazy part: I did 5 different installations in my VM to figure out how to remove the GUI, but I want to avoid using my orginal cd that even is without SP1 and all my optional software. Therefore my question if something is planed for the future.
  7. sacharja

    IE8 not removed

    I've got a WinXP folder with all integrated patches/programs and SP3 (thus it's too much work to do it again). I also integrated IE8, but now I want to remove it and only keep the core. But nLite is removing nothing, there's the desktop icon, the folder in program files, the tray icon, some entries within the start menu and probably many registry keys. I tested it nLite v1.4.5. Will this be fixed in future versions?
  8. Why were the icons of WMP for media files deleted and replaced with this s***ty old versions?
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