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  1. Update: The same applies to iTunes 7, NTI CD Maker 7, and Winamp 5+! Dr Watson: Program dependent on dbgeng.dll file and won't run without it. Solution: Add dbgeng.dll from a non nLited XP to Windows System 32 folder. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: Program dependent on Windows Update Manager and won't install without it. Microsoft Outlook 97, 2000, XP, 2003: Program dependent on Outlook Express and won't work without it. Microsoft Outlook 2007 isn't dependent on Outlook Express and will work without it. You can Use Thunderbird or other 3rd party software instead as it isn't dependent on Outlook/Outlook Express. Windows Defender (a.k.a. Microsoft Antispyware): Program dependent on Windows Update and won't install or if you get it to install won't be able to update without it. It was originally designed by GIANT AntiSpyware which was bought out by M$ and was rebranded as Microsoft Antispyware with Beta 1 and Windows Defender with Beta 2, and now is being integrated as a M$ service dependent on M$ update. Possible Solution: Sunbelt Software which was Giant's partner has released CounterSpy based on GIANT Antispyware, which I have tested and it works well. From what I have read it's also a well regarded product! Windows Media Player 11: Program dependent on Imapi CD Burning to burn CD's. WMP can still rip music CD's, but because it's dependent on the Imapi CD Burning service; it can't burn music CD's. Use iTunes, Winamp or other 3rd party software instead to burn CD's. Yahoo Music/Radio + Yahoo Jukebox (formerly MusicMatch Jukebox): Are dependent on Windows Media Player 8. Yahoo Jukebox will tell you it can't install because of this problem, but Yahoo Radio will try to work but fail without any specific error. If you install WMP 8 or higher then these apps should work. I installed WMP 11 and then both apps worked fine.
  2. iTunes 6/7 + Winamp 5 + NTI CD Maker 6.5/7 Dependency: Wmasf.dll + Wmidx.dll If you remove Windows Media Player 8 (but leave Windows Media Player Classic 6.4) with nLite from Windows XP these programs will not function correctly or will display missing file errors when opening because they require the following files that are removed: Wmasf.dll + Wmidx.dll. If you add these files back into the System 32 folder from an non mLited XP install these programs will function correctly with no errors.
  3. Windows File Protection Error Fix: I believe I've found a fix for the WFP popups, so you can keep WFP enabled, but kill those annoying pop up messages. Try this fix and report your findings. Props go to Davelicious because I never would have figured it out without reading all his posts! 1) Run Windows File Protection Switcher 1.0 patch and restart PC. 2) Run Regedit to edit the following registry key to 4 (enabled with pop ups disabled) and restart PC. System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] Value Name: SFCDisable Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value) Value Data: 0 = enabled (default) Value Data: 1 - disabled, prompt at boot to re-enable Value Data: 2 - disabled at next boot only, no prompt to re-enable Value Data: 4 - enabled, with popups disabled Value Data: ffffff9d = disabled Windows File Protection Switcher: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Windo...er/1106499902/1 Sorry to jump all over you. THe WFP/SFC pop ups are the one major rant I have with nLite. If you could include this fix into nLite in future release it would be very much appreciated! Otherwise it's a truly GREAT product. You have succeeded where Microsoft has failed. Microsoft wants users to run the Windows they think we should run. You have allowed users to run the Windows we actually want to run. And for that I'm grateful! That's like saying you know of several instances where people we're killed wearing seatbelts and by airbags in their cars. Does that mean you should remove your seatbelts and airbags in your car so you can be safer too? I don't think so. To be sure WFP protection doesn't catch everything. Neither does any single Anti-Virus, Firewall, or Anti-Spyware software. But it's much better than no protection. Without WFP any piece of software, driver, or any user could delete any Windows file at any time without any restrictions. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. IMHO nLite itself doesn't make your PC less safe at all. I think the modifications I've made in XP have made it safer by removing services I don't use which can be exploited: eg Outlook Express/Address Book, Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, Remote Registry, Remote Assistance turned off, Netmeeting, System Restore.
  4. Yes, but it's annoying. And it happens too frequently for me. Quite frankly there should have been a fix for this incorporated into nLite long before this. There should be an option to keep WFP enabled but stop the pop ups from occuring. You shouldn't have to disbale WFP or jump through hoops to supress the pop ups. Hundreds of people seem to be complaining about this, it's been over a year since this post started, and several versions have come out since then. When is the fix coming?
  5. Davelicious, I realize it's been almost 10 months since your post, but I was wondering If you could help with the WFP popups. We're you able to get rid of the popups with your solution? I edited winlogon file in the registry from 0 to 4 (enabled, with popups disabled). But how do you edit the SFC_OS.DLL file so that WFP is enabled but the popups are disabled. Also should I edit both the SFC_OS.DLL file in my system 32 folder and in my system 32/ dllcache folder? Any help you (or anyone else) can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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