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[Desktops] 2006

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Seclusion.......That Easy Peaceful Feel'N

Wall: Glenwood...... (Digi Blass Members)

Skin: Oxidized Premiun.. (Blinds 5: Recolored)

Widgets: Oxidixed Premium Clock/Calendar/Meters/Control Panel/Media Player

Cursor: Pro Tools

Icons: Oxidized

Windows Media 64 Bit: Picture Gallery

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/PEFL.jpg

PEFS.jpg B)

That's a nice desktop, love the warm feeling i get from it :(

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here is mine, for the first time ever...


Visual Style: gfxOasis

Icons: ChaNinja Style (SubZero)

Wallpaper: "Legs" can be found by www.deviantart.com

IM: Gaim

Calendar: Rainlendar

SysInfo: Rainmeter

any chance you could post your wall? I've been searching da for about an hour now with no results :/

lol, I want that wall.. :D

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Just Plain SaaaaWeeet,,,,City Lights...

Wall: Metrpolis... (DigiBlas Premium Members)

Skin: Dreamland... (Recolored.. Blinds 5)

Widgets: Silica: Weather/Calendar

Icons System: GT3

Icons: Upper Task (GT3)

Cursor: Pro Tools

Toolbar: Retro...

Windows Media Centre: Picture Gallery

Trying Hard To Grab That AQUA SOFT Look. Just can't seem to achieve that much boredom on my screen... LOL!!

I need some weight and strength to the shots......*Thick Skinned So To Speak...*

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/CLL.jpg


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