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[How To] Create Your Own Add-ons / zcworld video


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Thanks to dale5605 for the basis of these instructions

[How To Create Custom Add-ons]

First step will be creating a silent switchless installer for your application. For specific switches check the product's website or look in the Application Installs forum located here.

For help creating a 7-zip installer check out keytotime's excellent tutorial here.

Please note that svcpack.inf does support switches. If you are not wanting to repackage an installer you do have the option of using switches in the ini file.

Suggestion: before creating your add-on, download one of the posted add-ons and extract it. This will give you and indication of the structure of the add-on, and will assist in keeping the naming scheme and layout as uniform as possible.

Here are the steps required to create the add-on:

1: Create a new folder and name it after your application, ie uTorrent1.3

2: Within the above folder, create another folder called SVCPACK

3: Place your switchless installer within the SVCPACK folder

4: Rename the ini file to match the name of you add-on, for example ENTRIES_UTORRENT.ini

5: Open the ini file and edit the appropriate details under the [general] section as required, eg:

title=uTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint

6: Navigate to the [AddProgram] section of the ini file and change the name to the exe file that is within the SVCPACK folder, eg utorrent.exe (keep it as simple as possible)

Your ENTRIES_PROGRAM.ini file will look something like this:

description=product description here
title=Program Name



You should now have a setup that looks something like this:


within the SVCPACK folder is ur PROGRAM.EXE switchless installer.

7: Ok, the next step is to create the .cab file. Using MakeCab or CabPack, a freeware utility available here (or any method you wish!) create the cab file of the SVCPACK folder and ENTRIES_PROGRAM.ini file. Rename this cab file to something appropriate eg uTorrent_1.3.cab.


Before sharing your new add-on, please TEST IT! It is imperitive you test your add-on before posting to avoid problems.

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I recommend CabTool for making your cab files:


And also use scripts for putting it in your SendTo folder:


Sorry if this seems like an advertisement.

How to repack an installer

(reduces size - if you have multiple files with your installation, also use this method)

For this you need WinRAR.

First, select all of the files needed for your installation and right click, go to add to archive..


Check SFX Archive.


Go to the Advanced tab and press SFX options.


In the run after execution box, type the name of your setup file and any switches you need for it to be silent.


Go to Modes. Check unpack to temporary folder.


Also, press Hide All.


Now just press okay twice, and you'll have your packed completely silent setup file!

Hope this helps.

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Apart from these guides, you can consider the use of AutoIt to make your silent addons for nLite ;)

It's fairly easy to use and all you need is:

AutoIt, SciTE - download

and CabPack - download

Help about AutoIt: here

Here is one example made by me which you can modify to suit pretty much every program ;)

TurboUpload: Everest Ultimate 2.80.534

RapidShare: Everest Ultimate 2.80.534

You will need about 30 min to understand how AutoIt works and never need to request any addons again :yes:

nJoy and share!

P.S.: another example made by me:


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as piXelatedEmpire on Feb 2 2006, 06:24 PM

please do not post in this thread unless you are adding to the explanation of how to create an add-on. Otherwise, start a new thread.

topice clean up

only post howto make Addons

or a link to a post that has got howto

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i will do a better copy of it when i get some feedback or i get some free time

to than

download : video : http://files.filefront.com/making_an_addon...;/fileinfo.html

camplayer : neeeded to play the video : http://files.filefront.com/CamPlayexe/;516...;/fileinfo.html

in total for both about : 4 mb

hey all

i said i will do a video but frist things frist

i cant be stuffed in making a video at the time

But i will get one done on the weekend so its not that long away :)

ok before anyone post and say we got topices on howto make addons

i still see users got problems making them

this is how i started out

if anyone can remember some of mine frist addons post where .rar files and you where told to unzip them and add the .ini file to the Nlite driver /add on page to add them

even if you dont its all good :) i moved on to .cab now :)

ok for newbies to making there own silent install's

what you need for this

Nlite , XP , VMware / MS VPC / or a free real pc + blank CD-RW (well you dont want to waste money now do you ? )

what i do is VMware for testing :) its easyer

files we need :

xp - home / pro

Winrar ver 3.? and up

a clean copy of windows installed into VMware for testing unless you want to do it on your real PC / OS

*** not a smart move i say ***

all you will end up with a heap of ..... installed

step 1

have a look at the MSFN silent install part of the forum to find the switch to make XZY install silent

we going to be our demo on WInrar ver 3.3 and up

-> step 1.2

make a folder on c:\ , called test

copy the wrar351.exe [ or what one you got] to c:\test

step 1.3

start -> run -> cmd [[type cmd in the run box]]

now you get a box like

Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]
(C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\zcw-testing>

now type in the box

cd \test [ than press enter ]

now you get a line like : C:\test>

now type

wrar351.exe /s [ than press enter]

than wait 5 secs and than check the start menu

to see if winrar has being installed in

if so than write it down into a notepad or remember it

ok now we know what is the switch to make winrar installed silent is its time to make the cab

step 2

you can do this in a heap of ways

like using Nlite addon maker [ nice tool ] but we are not going to using this

open a blank notepad

than save the file as


make sure you change the " save as type from text document *.txt to all files " and than save it

copy and paste this part into the file we just saved




ok now its time to add our info we need

it should look like this or there abouts



wrar351.exe /s

than save it

open up Nlite and goto the pick the addon and make iso

** NOTE ** im still working on the post i just saved it at the time and need to check some stuff and make screen shots

post is set to invisable to i get them in the next 50 mins or so :)

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Jak mám integrovat Firefox a Media player 10 to ale vše tak aby se programy nainstalovaly samy bez meho obsluhovani když je v integruju věčinou se to spusti zhruba cc 13 minut před koncem instalace a jindy až na konci instalace nechcu aby to tak bylo :no:

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@ Server2003

point a : what

english please mate

point b : if you have a problem just ask for help by posting a new topice not replying to this one


this is for any how to : / updates on making addons :)

let me know what the problem is and i will try and help

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HowTo: Create addons with AutoIt download

MD5: 7961C362E522936ECFE14A84E50314DE

Size: 21.47 MB

Duration: 12:04

Description: learn how to create addons for nLite with AutoIt scripts. Foobar 0.9.4 is used in this example.

Commentary audio track in bulgarian language. Best viewed @ 1280x1024.

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I'm having trouble creating the cab files, some of them are 500mb :no:
may be Cab file don't support size large a 500 mb :(
Welcome to forum mate,

I've an off topic comments,

I really do like your username because if I say your username azamat it means troubles in english ... lol :lol:

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