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98 SE SP 3.32

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Changing subjects, I've updated my VIP.386 from to, and it got less resource hungry, when surfing the internet. Thanks, Gape! :thumbup

wow, dencorso, you have VIP.386 version 4.10.2228? GREAT! I believe that is found in the KB329128 hotfix for Win98. I think it is now available if Win98se users can ask for it now since it wasn't available a few years ago. See my latest post on how to request hotfixes from Microsoft here:


Well, erpdude8, the merit is Gape's in getting it. I found it inside...

98 SE SP 3.0 ALPHA 1 :w00t:


(19924 KB)


Please, write ANY comment (If it even works properly, write it).

... and was just giving some feedback. If you downloaded it, you too already have it. :yes: But you're right: I pointed out early up (and perhaps am guilty of understatement) that Gape's reference...

* Updated NDIS.VXD + PPPMAC.VXD + VIP.386 [to Q301453].

... must be a mistake, because Q301453 doesn't refer to such files. So I got curious, downloaded the pack, grabbed the files from inside it and checked their versions. I was amazed to find out that all 3 files are those known to comprise Q329128, and proceeded to test them at once, except PPPMAC.VXD, because I use WinME files for my Winsock / Internet interface, as described by MDGx. The bottom line is VIP.386 makes my surfing experience smoother, with less resource drain than v. 2227, whereas NDIS.VXD seems to facilitate the occurrence of "Internet Explorer will be closed" type errors, so I downgraded to v. 2225 back again. Yet, when I have more time I'll give it a more thorough testing. For the moment, however, I'll keep just vip.386 v. 2228 in my system.

Note added Sept 28 2007 => I tested further and found NDIS.VXD did not cause the errors I described above. I reported that I'm now convinced it works OK here.

Edited by dencorso

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Thank you for the massive effort this must take.

I test installed/uninstalled the logos.

I installed the LOGO update by itself. Unchecking all else in the installer.

An error like 'rootsupd.inf is not found' popped up.

I dismissed the error box and the logos installed, backed up and all was good.


So I went to uninstall the LOGOS from add/remove and had an error...not the same as you, though.

- "COMCTL32.DLL file cannot start" problem during uninstallation of Adaptec ASPI or Boot/Shutdown logos.

It went into a loop. No error boxes.

I hit ctrl-alt-delete and killed 1 of the many instances of rundll.

That stopped the looping and the uninstall finished without further error.

It did create a bunch of entries in advpack.log and 100 or so randomly named .PNF files in the inf directory.

Now that I think about it maybe I would have gotten the error

"COMCTL32.DLL file cannot start" if I had waited long enough.

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Thanks all. Your feedback is great.

It went into a loop. No error boxes.

I hit ctrl-alt-delete and killed 1 of the many instances of rundll.

You found the problem. :thumbup

Loop was the key word. I fixed the problem, it works properly !

Thank you.

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From Windows Server 2003 SP1. DO NOT USE THESE HTML HELP FILES!!!

Really? Huh, haven't a clue where those came from, then - I know the admin didn't update the computer, and I certainly didn't put them there...

Thanks for that heads-up ;) not much I can do about it, but good to know.

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Also you might consider adding this small program.

I prefer 545's DIcons for this (which no-one seems to have heard of). I find the extra customizability useful, but unfortunately it doesn't have the crash "protection"...


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Welcome back.

I have tested SP 3.01 alpha.

Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to test your final version of SP 3.01.

Could you please post [or email me, whatever is more convenient for you] the Q312586 [KBDSP.KBD] + Q329128 [VIP.386 4.10.2228] hotfixes, so I can post them here:



I took a look at the TIMEZONE.INF you're using in SP 3.01. It has the "old style" names, without "Standard Time" after each Time Zone name [XP/2003 do have the "Standard Time" in all Time Zone names = M$ changed this ~ 2-3 years ago in all M$ OSes].

Please take a look at the Q933360 fix [newest, contains all M$ fixes up to date], it has the "new style" INF [from XP/2003]:


Also, adding these registry values, as listed in your TIMEZONE.INF:



HKLM,"System\CurrentControlSet\control\TimeZoneInformation",StandardName,2,"!!!First Boot!!!"

HKLM,"System\CurrentControlSet\control\TimeZoneInformation",DaylightName,2,"!!!First Boot!!!"






forces the user to reset manually the time zone name correspondent to one's real time zone [especially outside USA], and then select the "DST" box [if appropriate for one's local TZ] = annoying, because the time zone in this INF applies only to USA users. All other users must do this manually.

Reg values above should not be modified, they are changed properly by:

(1) running the TIMEZONE.EXE tool with proper switches [see below] or

(2) when the user resets the TZ values manually, using Control Panel -> Date/Time Properties CPL.

Q933360.EXE uses TIMEZONE.EXE command line tool [from M$ Win98 Resource kit]:


respectively [see Q933360.INF]:

TIMEZONE.EXE 02-0-2-03 02-0-1-11

to properly reset the Time Zone and the DST automatically, without user intervention or need for a reboot, independent of user geographical location or TZ.

M$ uses a similar tool [TZCHANGE.EXE] to do this in XP/2003/Vista, the "official" way.

Appreciate your time.

Many thanks.

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ALPHA 2 is released !

MDGx, thanks for the feedback. I only added most important part, TIMEZONE.EXE, for Alpha 2. Please let me know, if there is any other problem.

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Hello Gape.

I am delighted to learn that you have decided to resume the development of Service Packs for Windows 98 SE :-)

Since the release of the last stable version (29th November 2005, already more than 20 months ago),

your SP was installed by a lot of people, what allows having an important feedback as you can note.

In the same viewpoint as the others, I write this message to add my comments/questions/opinions....

1) I think you should continue to include updates for IE 5 because, as you wrote, firstly the users don't always

upgrade to IE 6 and secondly it's a part of operating system.

2) I'm surprised that the version of rootsupd included in alpha SP is the 13th. I have Windows 2000 PRO (in addition to

Windows 98 of course) and the latest version proposed by Windows Update on win2k is the ninth. If I set up a later

version, the version 9,0,2195,0 show up on Windows Update website ! Must I deduce that the Microsoft website has

a problem ? If the version 13,0,2195,0 is compatible with Windows 98, it's logically ready for Windows 2000...

3) I prefer you put back Metapad. I agree on Drugwash's opinion "SP should be kept as simple as possible."

but this 3rd party was present in the previous SPs and by definition, a Service Pack is cumulative. Consequently, I think the third SP should include all files of second SP except those are buggy (e.g. CDVSD.VXD -

Moreover, the size of Metapad 3.5x is only 94 KB, why left out it ?

4) I have just downloaded and decompressed the SP 3.0 Alpha 2 (I cannot test at the moment because no-English

Windows 98 in my computer) and I noticed that you added notepad.exe. However, the version of file is

(the same as original file in fact) while the size is the same as the version included in FE SP 2.08 by erpdude8...

Apparently, you forget to change the number version (the correct number is

5) You added wupdmgr.exe ( What's new in this version ? What problem fixes ?

Moreover, I don't understand the useful seeing that Microsoft stopped support since 11th July 2006...

6) I read this in the changelog "Added 98lite Sleek support (RUNPOST.BAT).". What is the SLEEK ?

Thank you for your answers and good work.


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No MetaPad or other 3rd party tools please. A service pack should be as clean as possible. I'm suprised Gape has started developing for Windows 98 again. I personally wouldn't put that much energy in it.

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I have tested 3.0 alpha 2.

My findings + suggestions:

1. The 2 [short] to 4 [long] digit date tweak changed my custom sShortDate value in WIN.INI [and probably in the registry too] from:




I had to change it back after I installed 3.0 alpha 2.

2. Your MSASN1.DLL has different date/time stamp [older] and file size [smaller] than the one I have.


53520 bytes March 5 2004


53592 bytes April 8 2005

I recall erpdude8 sent it to me a while back.

The newer msasn1.dll is available as part of CRYPT9X.EXE [666 KB]:


3. Your EXTRAC32.EXE [installed into %windir%] is older [from XP SP2 = 5.1.2600.2180] than the 1 installed by 98SE2ME [from 2003 Server = 5.2.3790.0].

If you want newer extrac32.exe [25 KB]:


4. You added RUNHELP.CAB from RUNHELP.EXE , but you did not add the improved HTMLHELP.HTM.

This htmlhelp.htm is better, because it detects if:

- Javascript is disabled = must be enabled for this to work.

- the HTM was opened in any other browser than IE = this works only with IE. If using any other browser than IE, the user can see the instructions on how to (re)open the HTM again in IE, so the script can work.

- original HTM leaves the web page open [annoying], even after the user has closed WINDOWS.CHM = mine closes the HTM automatically in 30 seconds [even if the user doesn't close it manually] after the user has closed windows.chm.

If you want to add HTMLHELP.HTM = part of RUNHELP.EXE [107 KB, please download it again, I have updated it]:


5. You are still using the old EXPLORER.EXE 4.72.3612.1700 .

Erpdude8 sent me a newer one a while back = 4.72.3612.1710 .

EXPLOR98.EXE installs the newer file, which is already modded with the 256 colors fix and contains the "Windows 98 SE" Start banner [172 KB]:


6. Anonymous author sent me the fixed WINFILE.EXE 4.10.1999 = installs as part of WINFIL98.EXE [320 KB]:


7. Your NOTEPAD.EXE is older [4.10.1998] than the one erpdude8 made [4.10.1999] = fixed the problem with opening files > 64 KB = now redirects correctly to open them with Wordpad.

The newer one installs as part of Notepad fix [121 KB]:


8. I haven't seen ESDI_506.PDR 4.10.2225 modded by LLXX with support for HDs > 137 GB.

3.0 alpha 2 still installs older ESDI_506.PDR 4.10.2225 [original by M$].

9. I got an error mesage that notepad.exe was not found in %windir% [C:\W98 in my case].

To avoid such errors, you may wish to change the script to a batch file which does not specify the path for notepad [if the path would not be specified, the installer would have found it, I have notepad.exe on another drive + directory, both included in the PATH].

For example you can use this line in a batch file:


I use something similar in HOSTS0.EXE [670 KB]:


Open HOSTS0.EXE in WinZIP or any other unzipper to extract/view its files.

Open ZHOST0.BAT in Notepad to see the command line I'm talking about.

This might also work if using a "RunPostSetupCommands" directive in your INF (example):








If this doesn't work as above, you may want to replace the command:


with a batch file that does the same thing (example):



READ1ST.BAT lines (example):





Keep up the good work. :thumbup

HTH [Hope This Helps]

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@ Gape:

Remember also to create a silent installer of dun14-se and (better) to provide some instructions about, so I can realize a localized version for my language. ;)

Edited by Max_04

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Although this version contains unofficial versions of them, Q891711, and Q918547 will show up on the Windows Update.

About these two updates, I noticed that Windows Update engine searchs the files KB891711.EXE, Q891711.DLL, KB918547.EXE et Q918547.DLL in


It doesn't scan keys like [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98] or [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components] for the Q891711 and Q918547 updates

Consequently, on a system where 891711 and 918547 haven't never installed, if you add these four files to "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\KB891711" and "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\Kb918547" WITHOUT installing the two hotfixes (by using WinZip for example), Q891711 and Q918547 will NOT show up on the Windows Update. The total size of these files is only 25 920 octets.

Edited by Big Monstro

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Does it also scan for file length/other particular details, or only for filename? Because those files could be replaced by dummy omonimous 0-byte length files, if the latter.

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Hello all,

I will be not available for one week. BTW, I am still working on the beta version. Hopefully, I will release it, when I am back.

Thanks for the patience.

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This looks good so far Gape.

I was able to obtain KB243174, which, while updating some DirectX files (The version included in 98SE), also updates msdv.sys to version 4.10.2224. Would you like me to send this to you?


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