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  1. If you're going to go down the road of installing the USP for features, though, you might as well just install KeX as well and see if you can get Networx working. Netmeter was the best I found of the native tools.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks once again for all your time and effort, it's very much appreciated!
  3. Do we know whether the issues surrounding KB977165 impact on Win2k at all? I haven't updated my environment yet, so I could leave it out if need be...
  4. I don't know, tbh - I would've assumed that the reasons for the pack's creation in the first place (export restrictions, namely) would still be applicable on later versions, but maybe they were able to come to some agreement? Either way, I don't see any harm in installing it. Though I'm inclined to create my own addon for it at this point instead. Thanks for the updates, as per.
  5. Hrm, well i couldn't see it on my VPC install. I stuck it in my real install since everything else was working fine, but there I'm getting a **** mup.sys boot error... and I don't have the willpower to fix that right now.
  6. Kurt: I've been preparing a new install CD and been tweaking it a bit to suit my needs. I want to install the High Encryption Pack but I'm not sure where best to put it. If I give it the /q switch it asks for a reboot; if I use /q:a it doesn't, but I haven't been able to ascertain for certain whether it is in fact installed with that switch (there's no add/remove programs entry, or at least if there is I don't see it). I currently have it at the end of Run2_W2Ksp5.bat but I'd be grateful if you'd take a look to see if there's somewhere better for it to go. Ta!
  7. The "Override standard controls" function causes a fairly significant issue with mIRC, at least for me: If I have it enabled and alt-tab back to mIRC from another app, the active window is greyed out. This stops happening if I disable that function. Regarding the IE rendering bug I had earlier, incidentally, it's mostly not come back. It did recur once, but I've still not been able to pin down what causes it.
  8. Bill: I was using small fonts. I gave large fonts a go and it seemed okay but I couldn't cope with how it made the system look, so it went back and it seemed okay then. I'll keep an eye on it, though, to see if I can find something that triggers it.
  9. 0.7.0 is mostly good, but I've been forced to resort to IE and it seems to be struggling with some fonts getting squished up. I'm not sure whether it's font-specific or circumstance-specific, but as you'll see from the attached pic it does make it a bit difficult to read...
  10. It's been a few versions since I tried this, but I just installed it on the old laptop and it's much improved; I'm impressed. I do have an issue with desktop icon text being clipped, however; is that a known issue?
  11. Did anyone else actually try this yet? I gave it a whirl because I'm going to reinstall shortly anyhow, but upon restart the computer would reboot right at the point where it was supposed to switch to the login window, so I had to restore the backed up DLLs.
  12. Hi nuhi, Yeah, it's Windows 2000 using USP5. The popup appears almost immediately upon startup, so I can't even get into the initial screen. Like I said, it was working fine until I put a second install of 2K on another hard drive, then it wouldn't work again once I went back to my original one. The only thing I see there that makes sense to me is kernel32.dll. In case it's any use, the version is 5.0.2195.7135. Thanks!
  13. Any ideas why I'm getting this? It was working fine and then stopped after I set up a second drive as a dual boot: Relevant versions of stuff seem to be okay (and in any case I've reinstalled the lot from scratch):
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