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  1. A french version of Service Pack for Windows 98 Standard Edition is now available. http://rapidshare.com/files/62208832/fesp2-fr.zip.html Version translated and modified by myself
  2. Hello erpdude8 Thank you for this new Service Pack As I'm translating this pack in french, I wish to add... 1) I noticed that a little mistake is appeared in the spupdate.inf file since the 2.20 version. " DelFiles = DelDel.uninstall " 2) Logically, this SP replace the first (and alone official) Service Pack. Why adding some code to remove the SP1's file (csp.cab, csp.cat, %winbootdir%\$...UninstallUpdate98...$ and reg keys like uninstall) ? 3) Why did you remove Metapad from SP 2.2 ? A Service Pack isn't cumulative ? SP 2.08 contains this software and the later SPs not.
  3. 98 SE SP 3.32

    About these two updates, I noticed that Windows Update engine searchs the files KB891711.EXE, Q891711.DLL, KB918547.EXE et Q918547.DLL in "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\Kb891711" and "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\Kb918547" It doesn't scan keys like [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates\W98] or [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components] for the Q891711 and Q918547 updates Consequently, on a system where 891711 and 918547 haven't never installed, if you add these four files to "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\KB891711" and "%WINBOOTDIR%\SYSTEM\Kb918547" WITHOUT installing the two hotfixes (by using WinZip for example), Q891711 and Q918547 will NOT show up on the Windows Update. The total size of these files is only 25 920 octets.
  4. Is "DirectX6 Media" useful if DirectX 9.0c is installed ?
  5. Corrected FDISK and FORMAT

    Petr & Max_04 > Is there another program (so Pspad EX excepted) to modify the .COM files ? I tried eXeSc650 (for 16 bits files) but it doesn't work with MS-DOS programs. Thank you.
  6. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Hello Gape. I am delighted to learn that you have decided to resume the development of Service Packs for Windows 98 SE :-) Since the release of the last stable version (29th November 2005, already more than 20 months ago), your SP was installed by a lot of people, what allows having an important feedback as you can note. In the same viewpoint as the others, I write this message to add my comments/questions/opinions.... 1) I think you should continue to include updates for IE 5 because, as you wrote, firstly the users don't always upgrade to IE 6 and secondly it's a part of operating system. 2) I'm surprised that the version of rootsupd included in alpha SP is the 13th. I have Windows 2000 PRO (in addition to Windows 98 of course) and the latest version proposed by Windows Update on win2k is the ninth. If I set up a later version, the version 9,0,2195,0 show up on Windows Update website ! Must I deduce that the Microsoft website has a problem ? If the version 13,0,2195,0 is compatible with Windows 98, it's logically ready for Windows 2000... 3) I prefer you put back Metapad. I agree on Drugwash's opinion "SP should be kept as simple as possible." but this 3rd party was present in the previous SPs and by definition, a Service Pack is cumulative. Consequently, I think the third SP should include all files of second SP except those are buggy (e.g. CDVSD.VXD - Moreover, the size of Metapad 3.5x is only 94 KB, why left out it ? 4) I have just downloaded and decompressed the SP 3.0 Alpha 2 (I cannot test at the moment because no-English Windows 98 in my computer) and I noticed that you added notepad.exe. However, the version of file is (the same as original file in fact) while the size is the same as the version included in FE SP 2.08 by erpdude8... Apparently, you forget to change the number version (the correct number is 5) You added wupdmgr.exe ( What's new in this version ? What problem fixes ? Moreover, I don't understand the useful seeing that Microsoft stopped support since 11th July 2006... 6) I read this in the changelog "Added 98lite Sleek support (RUNPOST.BAT).". What is the SLEEK ? Thank you for your answers and good work. BigM.
  7. Hello, after an installation of Windows 98 SE on clean hard disk, I wish upgrade my system by windows update (because the hotfixes of 2006 aren't included in the SP). Unfortunately, I'm not able to download the updates : when the scanning begin, it stop suddenly (at 0%) with this error number : 0x80072F89 . The product lifecycle of Windows 98 SE has reached this end but the current updates should be available.. What's the problem ? Why I cannot access on Windows Update ? Thank you in advance for your answer
  8. 98 SE SP 3.32

    nicke85 is right. There has been no Service Pack for seven months. Microsoft has published patchs for Windows 98 (which not concern IE6, DirectX, WMP 9 or MDAC 2.8 but rather the OS) since the 28th november. Here is the list of the new updates on the windows update website : Security Update for Windows 98 (KB908519) - (Posted Date: January 06, 2006) - Download size: 210 KB Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433) - (Posted Date: May 11, 2006) - Download size: 543 KB Security Update for Windows 98 (KB918547) - (Posted Date: June 08, 2006) - Download size: 145 KB Security Update for Windows 98 (KB917344) - (Posted Date: June 09, 2006) - Download size: 328 KB Why there is no new SP ? Are you waiting the end of the support (on the 11th july) ? I hope that the problem "windows 2000 theme" - that I've already mentionned - are resolved. When will the next SP be published ?
  9. 98 SE SP 3.32

    I believe that that update isn't included because there aren't Fp4autl.dll and Fp4awec.dll in the cabinet files of SP.
  10. 98 SE SP 3.32

    I've one question yet : Will the software update for web folders (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;892211) be integrated on these next SP ? This update is compatible with Windows 98 SE
  11. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Hello, this SP is naturally a good new but, before I'll tested, I've some questions: 1) I noticed some of updates integrated in this pack concern Microsoft Office. I believed SPs contain only fixes for the operating system. Why integrate these fixes and not integrate fixes for Media Player by example? What happened on computers, which haven't Office? I asked that because it's possible installing this pack at first. Do the files modified concern also WordPad? 2) Another fix, Q885836, is integrated in this pack. Is programming security fix for Win98 it possible? Because, at this address: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms04-041.mspx , it's clearly indicated: 3) Is the problem about Windows 2000 icons (which I've already mentioned) resolved? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  12. Bugs of SP 2.0.2

    Hello, Firstly, I congratulate people who contributed to the realization of Win98 SE Service Pack 2. With this program, it's possible to reduce considerably the time devoted to upgrading. What good intention helping the users without payments. However, there are some little bugs : 1) After installing, it's impossible to uninstall this Service Pack. In the disclaimer, it's explained there is no guarantee. Consequently, it would be logical that the program allows the uninstall (like a choice in the Infex.exe) in the event of problem. But I suppose making an uninstaller for this pack isn't easy... 2) During the installing, the files explorer.exe and shell32.dll are replaced by these which have Windows 2000 icons. That means that the file shell32.dll are replaced by the file from SUPP.CAB instead of the file from SP2.CAB. The effect is the change of appearance of the icons... But I refused "theme of Windows 2000" in Infex.exe. Another user has noticed already this bug : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=53875 I would like to know the utility of the file Shellconcache created by the install. I hope this bugs are resolved for the next versions.