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Service Pack for Windows ME

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I have also the Millenium SP2 Service Pack, the newer and buggy one. Shall I upload it? ;)

Probably wouldn't hurt to give PROBLEMCHYLD all the resources we can give him.

Cheers and Regards

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I will probably keep the IE 5.5 SP2 Core files, because users can remove IE 5 with IEradicator if they don't plan to use IE as default browser. I think OPPCOM 2.1 and IEradicator combine with an updated SP will give users a killer system.

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Sounds like a wininit error message, it means that a source file cannot be found and so the target cannot be upgraded. There might more specific info in the wininit.log file.

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I guess we can ignore the message I was getting. Even using some of MDGx Unofficial Updates, I get the same message. The files seems to have updated though. Here is a BETA 3.0. It is based off the Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack 3.x.

Notes: To benefit using the IE 5.5 SP2 Core Files, you must remove Internet Explorer using IEradicator. Only do this if you plan to use another browser such as, Opera, Firefox etc.....

You guys can use the package as a testing point for me to go further with updates. A clean install is not necessary ATM. Lots of testing is needed. I don't think you guys will have any major problems because all of the options are compatible. Some options are disabled due to files not being ready.

Changes -

Disabled Main Updates

Disabled Microsoft Management Console 1.2.0

Disabled Logos

Removed 2_4DATE.EXE


Removed Resource Hacker

Removed TOUCH.EXE 5.0.1754.1

Removed Microsoft Agent Server 2.0 (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Removed Microsoft Internet Printing Protocol Client 1.0 (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Removed Universal Plug and Play (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Removed Windows Management Instrumentation (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Removed Windows Millennium Edition/Windows 2000 Theme (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Removed Zip Folders (already included in Windows Millennium Edition)

Unofficial Windows Millennium Edition Service Pack 3.0 Beta 1 You must add .EXE to the file when saving. :w00t:

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I looked into the SP3.cab and SUPP.cab files.

I found a few files, which seem to be originals or older files. I guess these files are needless.


I'll test it soon.

Thanks for your work.

Edited by schwups
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The options that are disabled needs to be updated. There are hundreds of files I need to get. I had asked for a list some time ago and never got it. This will take some time because its not a high priority. I also need someone to gather all of the changes throughout the post so I can create an updated changelog. In the meantime, just work with options that are NOT disabled.

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Anyone know how to fix this error? Windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 %1: %2

I was able to fix the error by disabling System Restore. There was no error message on BOOT :thumbup

Every single option installed without error. I also have a BETA 2 ready and will upload it later. Its minor changes, but testers should download it anyway. I will be testing this package in the future with and without IEradicator and Oppcom 2.1. I think Oppcom is a better soultion than 98lite for WinME.

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Thanks problemchild :) iv been running me for 3 months now using ieradicator & sp2 on p4 with 1.5 gig of ram and had no problems whatsoever. I disabled system restore & pc health too. Its great :)

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