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HFSLIP, The 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer


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HFSLIP, the 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer

HFSLIP is a small CMD script made to slipstream hotfixes into a Windows 2000/XP/2003 source without the need for an SVCPACK folder full of unextracted hotfix executables.

Home Page




Mini changelog HFSLIP 1.7.9:

- [XP] added support for IE8, OS recognition, MS Installer 4.5 plus lots of MS related bugs

Complete changelog

Basic how-to guide

Important notes on Windows XP Service Pack 3

Handling of Windows Internet Explorer 7

Important things to know

Advanced Features

Related links on Fred Vorck's site...

HFSLIP FAQ by TommyP and Fred Vorck




* slipstreams Service Packs as well as Type 1, Type 2, and MSXML hotfixes.

* slipstreams Windows Genuine Advantage and Windows Update Agent.

* integrates the Malicious Software tool for people who can't live life seeing it as a Windows Update.

* integrates silent, switchless installers such as .NET.

* has Windows setup run your custom REG, CMD and INF files at T-13.

* force feeds hotfix registry information and the security catalog files (taken from the hotfixes you want to slipstream).

* maintains existing digital signature data on all files used for installation.

* doesn't rely on any modified DLLs for installation.

* doesn't require you to disable system file protection.

* doesn't need a winnt.sif file or require you to edit any source file.

* runs on Windows 2000 and higher.

* supports all languages.

* generates a log file which can be used to report errors.

* repacks cab files in a compression ratio of your choice.

* supports an optional answer file to automate the HFSLIP process.

* supports application addons and XPize.

* optionally slipstreams alternate applications, codecs, WINDOWS/WINNT files, Program Files files, custom drivers and AutoIt installs.

* optionally supports reduction file sets aimed at reducing your installation.

* optionally slipstreams a ramdrive for nice security.

* optionally slipstreams alternate icons.

* optionally creates bootable ISO images for testing/burning/etc.

* optionally extracts boot sectors from the Windows CD into a file called BOOT.BIN required to generate a bootable ISO image.

* optionally creates a new SPX.CAB driver package with updated driver binaries for a speedy HFSLIP process.

Windows 2000 specific features:

* it slipstreams Internet Explorer 6.

* it slipstreams DX9c (without the bloat -- no pictures of joysticks, etc.)

* the Microsoft Post-SP4 Rollup error with Hardware Abstraction Layer is resolved.

* it slipstreams WMP9.

* it slipstreams the latest WMP 9/10 codecs (does not require WMP9).

Windows XP specific features:

* it supports XP SP1, SP1a, SP2 and SP3.

* it slipstreams DX9c into Windows XP SP1 (without the bloat).

* it slipstreams WMP11 for Windows XP Pro (more info).

* it slipstreams WMP10.

* it slipstreams the latest WMP10 codecs (does not require WMP10; not intended for WMP11).

Windows Server 2003 specific features:

* it slipstreams DX9c into Windows 2003 Gold (less the bloat).

* it slipstreams the latest WMP10 codecs.

The first time HFSLIP is run, a series of subfolders are created in the HFSLIP working folder which you can then populate.

Subsequent runs will create a fully slipstreamed source in a folder called SOURCESS.

HFSLIP is to be used for installations from CD. You may have issues with other installation types.

You use hotfixes downloaded from the Microsoft servers and not from someone else.

Caution is advised if you run nLite on the SOURCESS folder (see this link for more information).

What is needed: a drive with a few gigs of free space and the ability to read.

Error Reporting.

See http://hfslip.org/support.html

Please report any issues with languages too and include the output from HFNETCHK if applicable.


Thanks to everyone for helping out with the script!!!

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Why is WGA (LegitCheck) integration disabled? Are there "licensing issues"?

I've embedded the new WGA version just the other day into Windows XP using HFSLIP 51115 and it's working fine (except that I need to enable the addon in MSIE). So what's the problem?

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I've been integrating LegitCheck into the Windows 2000 test installs for a few weeks now and never had a problem until a couple of days ago when I was presented a WGA download dialog on MS Downloads.

Two days ago, I read that thread you linked to so I downloaded the new version and integrated it into the test install of Windows XP. I've made two so far (the latter contains two more hotfixes) and it's working on both except that the WGA control is disabled by MSIE. Since I've never integrated this into Windows XP before (only Windows 2000), I don't know if this is expected behavior. Either way, it's easily fixed by removing a REG key as pointed out in one of the posts on that thread.

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Hello! :D

I ran into your slipstreamer couple days ago, and I got to hand it to you: great work :thumbup

Nevertheless, I think I may have discovered a flaw (not sure if it is or if you deliberately did this). I'm slipstreaming W2k3 Sp1 with all post Sp1 fixes. What I discovered is this: after "merging" the sp1.cab into driver.cab, the script modifies DRVINDEX.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF. The problem is that in my W2k3 folder I have a DOSNET.INF file which also has references to Sp1.cab..

This generates an error during installation reminding me that Sp1.cab can't be found. I've been able to fix this by manually editing the DOSNET.INF file, just removing the line which refers to Sp1.cab. I'm not sure if my case is a special case or if DOSNET.INF normally resides in the W2k3 installation path (as I'm not very experienced in these slipstreaming processes)

My suggestion (if fix is needed), insert this in the CABCOMPACT-section, before line 2044:


attached my ERROR_REPORT.TXT for reference (don't think it'll help in this matter though), keep up the good work :thumbup


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Welp, the Windows 2000 Pro with the newest fileset from FDV, HFSLIP and the CD burn was successful.

I was worried that I wasn't gonna make the CD right.

Appears that the quick launch feature is back with this one. :thumbup

This was with an LG CD-RW drive and a Sony 700MB and 80 minute CD-R. I decided to burn it at 40x, because I was worried about the CD being corrupted.

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