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  1. I found that the problem originated from me editing presetup.cmd So the problem was fixed, but I still wonder where this batch script gets called from..
  2. I just did an install without Driverpacks.net now, and the command prompt didn't show up. The problem then originates from Driverpacks.net.. I will continue too investigate, If anyone cares to help me in regards to where things get executed from, please do
  3. As I already stated, I have no 'DetachedProgram' entry in my winnt.sif.. Thx for the quick reply though
  4. Hi guys! Probably a small problem for you gurus in this forum (please share your knowledge with me); I have this problem where a command prompt pops up at T39, before "installing devices". It doesn't halt the installation, but it's anoying and shouldn't be there I'm using HFSLIP and Driverpacks.net (these are the only two I reckon could cause this). Where do I look to figure out what is called at this stage? one of the SIF files? The unattended guide states "DetachedProgram executes from winnt.sif at T-39 stage", but I have no such entry in my winnt.sif..
  5. 1: Go into your CDSHELL folder (named BOOT in my setup) find the subfolder "graphics" and delete the "splash.csi" file. All done. Alternatively you can make your own splash screen, brief description here. 2: In my AIO setup only the PRO1, PRO2 etc. folders (and sub dirs/files) in root have caps. Don't remember right now but think maybe my cdshell folder also uses caps. The rest of the DVD isn't using caps. My setup is fairly similar to this.
  6. You may also want to have try Autopatcher for updating systems already installed..
  7. Yeah... he needed a break, he's been poundin' since I registered
  8. @Black Wolf: Thx @sven: You say "to send Firefox traffic down VPN tunnel"; Any chance you could explain briefly how you do this? I'm having serious issues with the webwasher-feature installed in the proxy at work. I would like to be able to relay all my traffic through my home server..
  9. You are using DriverPacks.net? Are you using the newest BASE? (or something like that.. driverpacks.net is unavailable at my current ISP@work). In that case, there's a known bug in this release causing the textmode integration to be skipped. The team is working on it and there is already a beta of in the developer-team. ETA was a couple of days it was said in the driverpacks forum.
  10. Firefox Portable with the following extensions (sorted in preferred order:): Scrollbar Anywhere - http://perso.orange.fr/marc.boullet/ext/extensions-en.html (right click to scroll anywhere on the page) Foxmarks (bookmark sync.) - http://www.foxmarks.com/ (sync. all your bookmarks between different PC's) Adblock Plus - http://adblockplus.org/en/ (need to block those AD's) Filterset.G Updater - http://www.pierceive.com/ (don't want to create AD-block list myself) MinimizeToTray - http://minimizetotray.mozdev.org/ (keep FF running in the tray) Gmail Notifier - http://www.nexgenmedia.net/extensions/ (get notified on new mails) IEtab - http://ietab.mozdev.org/ (IE is owned by, and ran, inside FF. For incompatible web-pages) Tabbrowser Preferences - (extend FF settings for tab browsing) Download Manager Tweak - http://dmextension.mozdev.org/ (tweak the "downloads"-window and put it as a tab) Linkification - http://yellow5.us/firefox/linkification/ (non <A>-urls in webpages made links) Restart Firefox - http://jedbrown.net/1.0/mozilla/extensions/ (restart FF in "file"-menu) DownThemAll - http://www.downthemall.net/ (download manager to do batch downloading)
  11. Seems the only thing left is to try a different PSU and a different CPU. (off course keep the server stripped, i.e. no hdd, fdd, cdrom, extra controllers etc.) If one of these two options doesn't work, the motherboard is probably dead..
  12. I'm bumping this in hope of update of download mirrors, or maybe somone else would care to upload these files elsewhere if they have already downloaded them..
  13. About the large icons: I'm not sure of this, but since you havn't gotten any answer I'll might as well try to help you. Refering to this post, look at the first reply. They refere to a registry string which has to do with Theme-manager. Maybe if you set your computer to use large icons, there will be an regentry about the icons in that location in reistry.. Altarnate you could use one of those monitor-your-registry-entries-programs (don't remember any names right now). Such programs monitor any changes done to your registry. Try to start such a program, enable large icons then stop the program. Then you'll be able to see what reg-key has been changed.. Good luck
  14. Yes, figured it out.. I just didn't see any reply from you confirming that this actually fixed your problem
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