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HFSLIP, The 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer


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@tommyp: Here is a zip with two different malfunctioning INFs per your request.


One goes bad because of codecs, the other goes bad because of addons (ignore the /HF installs).

After even more testing, my original diagnosis is holding true. As long as there are no burps/hiccups/questions/problems everything is peachy.

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I can post a bad addon if anyone else wants to give it a spin and see what happens.
That might help ;)

I just started applying the fix to the HFAAO part of HFSLIP but then it occured to me that it just cannot be fixed in all cases. The issue is this... Some codec packages include a file that's also part of DirectX9, but they often include the version for Windows XP.

These are the cases it can be detected by HFSLIP:

- when it's "loose" inside the HFEXPERT\CODECS folder

- when it's "loose" inside an application addon CAB

It can be detected but cannot always be fixed when it's inside a CAB inside an application addon (assuming that the configuration file contains a reference to the file in question).

It can't be detected if the file is located inside:

- a switchless installer

- a switchless installer inside an application addon

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Some codec packages contain files that happen to be part of DirectX9 too.

DirectX9 also covers "sound"....

Some of the addons that cause problems (like the one I posted) have absolutely nothing to do with DX, video, codecs, or sound.

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This page is loaded with bad addons (or addons that just aren't working with HFSLIP), but i also has many that work great.

Here are some that have given me trouble:







An issue that some of these (at least one) have is that they don't include a carriage return after the last entry of [txtsetup_files] so the next addon that gets parsed gets started in the middle of an existing line instead of starting a new line...this will stop your installation FAST :/

It is easy enough to fix, though.

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I just got done HFSLIPing with 60306 and am booting now. One bug so far:

Names of the files in your HFAAO folder:

This one looks easy enough to fix :)

But then I hit a brick wall. Setup (in GUI) stopped to ask me for NT5.CAT. That was a showstopper. The only wildcard on that run was that I had HFCLEANUP included and, while it has been working for me, my reducer fileset isn't completely bug free yet.

I am installing again without HFCLEANUP now...but I forgot to replace Oleg2's files in FDVFILES with FDV's original files...will that cause an issue? I'll report my results when I come home for lunch.

Thanks for posting this new version and including my feature request.

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Original 60306 ran fine (except for the HFAOO bug) when I removed my HFCLEANUP folder. That means I have a lot of bug-squashing to do on my reducers...<sigh>

/me heads over to the HFCLEANUP topic for reference

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I suppose you mean "60305". The only thing I changed in the updated 60306 over the original 60306 was that line in the ERROR_REPORT.TXT section...

I didn't touch the HFCLEANUP section in 60306 (or any other version for that matter) so it's probably better to head over to the HFCLEANUP thread, yes.

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