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  1. Many thanks

    It was, and is a great utility.. Shame it's not longer supported or officially available around here! Hopefully it's resurrected again someday soon.
  2. Sorta like bootleg tape trading..

    I'm a bit late to the wake here, this is sad news.. Makes my face go And my heard go </3 There's still life in the old dog yet, needs a be hosted again and some word up devs and IT WILL rise from the ashes!
  3. FDV fileset for XP

    Good work keepin' the dream alive boys! (& possibly girls ) Going back to Windows 2000 for the first time in a number of years for some testing.. Where the latest FDV lovin' for Windows 2000..? Or is it really that far gone now? Dead and buried!?! NO don't say it!
  4. Now it's time for FDV/HFslip magic? Very interesting thread you've got here. I'm going to install Windows 2000 on my HP netbook 1030NR, for app compatibility and 2d performance reasons, will let you know how I fair.. AFAIK most drivers from XP will work in 2000 on this system but it's going to be an interesting journey. You've inspired me to kick xp/7 again on one of my systems! Although I couldn't replace 7 on my network at home anymore, it's just so much less complicated getting some tasks done.
  5. New fileset

    You're without a doubt, the best looking man on the interweb.
  6. GeForce 9800 GTX specs - hopefully this is not true

    It's a mid range card guys - Keep ya pants on. Just because they release a new line of cards, doesn't mean the first one has to be high end. Does it?
  7. [How-to] - Windows XP Gamer's Edition

    http://index.php?showuser=47483' target="_blank">Aegis Just wanted to say I hope you don't give up on your project. There's alot of silent people here, that know you got alot of brains and can make this thing really happen and get yourself quite a large rep, if you go about it the right way. I think suspending the project was a good idea given the situation. Hurry up fool! We wanna see some hard work, which we all know you've done! -K

    I miss Oleg.. Hoping he comes back. But there's still alot of brain here *points at everyone!* Time to reinstall 2k with all these new things i see on the board, see how it goes. FDV; why would you use Windows 2003, if 2k is still so rockin' and I know there's more to go! Thankyou! -k
  9. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    lol You two need to get coding & testing and stfu for a lil while. Everyone is dying to see both of your works just get a move on boys! -Kalo
  10. I'll take a stab in the dark. It's an old card so try cleaning out the dust from the fan, its possibly a heat problem. Happened to me a few times. -k
  11. HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source

    @TAiN, Just download the zip and you can see what files are removed, it's your choice what you put in your HFCLEANUP folder. A detailed discription of each removed file would be pointless and time consuming, I think. This fileset doesn't remove any features whatsoever. Well no features that can't be replaced with smaller and better applications anyway. -k
  12. HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source

    Hey, Excellent Work Oleg II. The instructions are great! Hope to see more junk removed from the w2k in the future, I will continue to test your removal sets from now to forever. Cheers, -k.
  13. HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source

    I got my commit down to 29meg from a cold boot, with all drivers installed. dx9c/ac97audiodrivers/nvidia drivers/.net1/2. I used FDVs fileset and Olegs' Reduction files, and a few others files in fixs. This is amazing. Can't wait to see your latest reduction fileset and instructions Oleg II You rock man!
  14. [How-to] - Windows XP Gamer's Edition

    Dude wasn't there going to be a release on nye? C'mon man. The people are hungry! -k