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What software do people put on their Disc's?


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Just wanted to know what software people put on so I can compare mine to others and get some new ideas.

At the moment I have:-

Ryanvm's packs (but that goes without saying)

Adobe Reader 7.03

DivX 6

.NET 1.1

Dreamweaver MX 2004

Dvd Shrink 3.2

Firefox 1.0.6

Flash MX 2004

Jasc Paintshop Pro 9

Money 2004

Microsoft Antispy

MSN Messenger


O&O Defrag 8

XP Plus!

XP Plus! digital media


Real Player

VB Scripts



Lego Draw


Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6

And AVG Free

Would be nice if everyone else could add their software to this list


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A good place to see what other people are putting on their discs could be seen in the software section. Although the thread may not have the exact same intent, there are many threads where people list their must have software or great freeware programs.


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:hello: i always put the latest setups to programs such as ie7 winrar etc etc generally appz i would installed after each new os installation .i think most people burn appz to cds for slipstreaming as well as speed of internet connection etc. i find its easlier to burn a appz for a friend then try to direct him to the url.i use programs like cd menu pro to create autorun apps cds a mini tech cd which i bring to friends houses to update their oses etc.
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I put these: ( plus latest hotfixes)

Acrobat Reader

ATI Control Panel (64 bit)

Auto It

Command and Conquer Generals

Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour



GTA:San Andreas


Macromedia Dreamweaver

Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Flash Player 7

MS AntiSpyware

Microsoft .net sp1

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visual Studio Pre-Reqs

Microsoft Visual Studio

MSN Messenger

Mozilla ThunderBird




Power Calculator

Quicktime Alternative

Real Alternative


GTA: San Andreas

Sims 2





Torrent Storm

Windows Media Player


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1. Microsoft Office Professional 2003

2. Microsoft Proofing Tools 2003

3. Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

4. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003

5. Microsoft Office Project 2003

6. Microsoft Office Visio 2003

7. Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 Beta 2

8. MSN Messenger v7.0.0816

9. Shockwave and Flash Player

10. QuickTime Alternative v1.48

11. Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.16

12. Acrobat Reader v7.0.3

13. Real Alternative v1.43

14. Active Perl v5.8.7.813

15. Microsoft PowerToys

16. PowerDVD v6.0

17. Sun Java v5.0.4

18. TextPad v4.7.3

19. WinRAR v3.42

20. DivX v6.0

21. BitDefender v8.0 Pro

So proud :P

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ACDSEE 7.0102 PowerPack

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.36

Firefox Browser 1.06

Flashget 1.70

FlashPlayer 7

IsoBuster 1.8 Pro

Sun Java

NOD32 5.1

Microsoft AntiSpyware

Msn 7.5 + Messpatch

Nero Burning Rom

.Net Framework 1.1 Sp1

Office 2003 + Frontpage 2003

Micsoroft Powertoys(TweakUi, Taskswitch…)

Adobe Reader 7.01 Lite

System Mechanic 5.5a Standart

Winamp Pro

Yahoo Messenger 7

YTL Update

Unlocker 1.7


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1. .Net Framework

2. Quintessential Player

3. Astrum InstallWizard

4. VLC Media Player

5. WinRAR 3.50

6. Yahoo Messenger

7. Unreal Tournament

8. Opera Browser

9. Hfs

10. Shareaza

11. RoboMX

12. Total Uninstall

13. Free Download Manager

14. O&O Defrag

15. PhotoFiltre

16. Paint Express

17. Axialis Icon Workshop

18. Azureus.

19. FileZilla

20. Lupas Rename.

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002 "Total Commander 6.01"

003 "Cmenu 1.7"

004 "FastStone Image Browser 2.22"

005 "FastStone Image Capture"

006 "FastStone Image Resizer"

007 "Free Download Manager"

008 "iCF"

009 "Maxthon 1.33"

010 "CCleaner v1.23.1"

011 "Adobe Acrobat Reader 7"

012 "Ahead Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.13"

013 "XP codec pack + Mplayer Classic"

014 "DVD Decrypter v3.2.0.0"

015 "DVD Shrink 3.2"

017 "Winamp 5.904"

018 "Power DVD v5.0"

019 "CDEX v1.51"

020 "ShockWave installer"

021 "Windows Media Player 10"

022 "Audiograbber 1.83"

023 "WinRar 3.20"

024 "Notepad++"

025 "Everest Home Edition 201"

026 "Sun Java2 Runtime Environment"

027 "TaskSwitch 2.0.8."

028 "Office 2003 Professional"

029 "CorelDraw 12"

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Well most here I think are doing DVD's these days...and a few multi DVD collections...tho there are those that do multi CD as well...growing fewer in numbers since DVD writers are fairly cheap these days.
What you say is very true about the number of multi CD being made, however even though i myself only own a DVD-ROM and DVD writer i still create a seperate CD with just Windows and all the bells and wistles that pertain to the operating system and then use either Nanaki's CDSwitch tool or Biohazards method. That way i have options.

However I digress, now back to the topic of the forum

What software do people put on their Disc's

the Windows Post Installation forum might be a good place to look.

Even though it's a pick and choose which programs to beinstalld. And dosen't actually tell you exactly what specific programs the theme creater has installed, but i think it would be a fair assumption that more than likely the programs that he or she has installed is allso in the wpi theme they just created. So with that being said, if your question is really, What's the most installed program after the os to the least installed program? just look at a couple of the themes and you will beginto see a lot of the same progams which should give you some kinda idea about the types. ps It sould like a lot of work , but really most of the guys that create the various themes for wpi put so many "i aint ever heard of"apps that the repetative one really begin to stick out.

Any way hope that helps you a little.

Now my List!!

[color=blue][u]Drum Roll Please[/u][color=gray]


All the XP Powertoys (except HTMLSlideShow & Deskman)



















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.NET Framework



**** NFO Viewer


Notepad ++


True Launch Bar




Free Download Manager

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.6

MSN Messenger 7.5


Adobe Photoshop CS







TuneUp Utilities 2004


Windows Cleaner


iTunes 5

Windows Media Player 10

Gmail Drive Shell Extenstion

Gmail Notifier

Google Talk

Kaspersky Antivirus

Microsoft AntiSpyware


Nero Burning Rom


+ Latest RyanVM Pack

and I have all these on CD!

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  • 2 months later...

- msn messenger 7.5

- Windows media player 10

- Nero burning ROM Ultimate

- TweakUI 2.10 Powertoy

- Task switch Powertoy

- Winrar 3.51

- Spybot Search & destroy 1.4

- EVEREST Ultimate edition

- Sisoftware Sandra standaard 2004

- Winamp full ??

- Adobe Reader 7?

- Sun Java VM ?

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