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  1. they aren't even opening. doesn't seem to be any errors in the event logger when i have a look. only a norton problem, but i'm trying to remove it anyway. and i used the system restore to go back to before all the updates and itunes etc are still crashing
  2. my sister just got a new sony laptop for xmas. and i installed itunes, and then ran all the updates, and now it keeps crashing whenevr i try to open it. other programs are also crashing before they start, eg yamipod, and the tv card program. any ideas?
  3. i need a pigtail cable to connect an ariel i've built to a wireless pci card. the connectors a n connector to rpsma. i dont want to fork out the £25 my local electrical store is asking. if i buy the cable and connectors, would i be able to make one up myself, or do i have to do something special?
  4. I've just started a new job and i have to transfer alot of data from an excel spreadsheet into another program. I want to know if its possible to write some sort of script that would be able to transfer everything i want into this other program. I have to search for an item, using a number in the spreadsheet, then add the information to it and save it. the program is abit like an access database with macro's. anyone have anyideas or anything else they would need to know?
  5. could some send me an invite please skitty84@30gigs.com thank you. i also have 30gigs invites if anyone wants one
  6. all the partitions on my parents computer have become corrupt. what can i do to wipe it all so i can use it again?
  7. skitty


    I've booted into the recovery console but it says theres no c drive
  8. skitty


    The hard drive in my parents computer has just buggered up. its recognised in the bios but when it tried to boot the os it says boot disc failure. any ideas?
  9. I think it just means you dont get anything with it, no ide cables etc, you only get the drive. where as the retail it comes in a box with instructions and everything else. so if you know what your doing, go for the oem. check out www.blankdiscshop.co.uk for dvd writers etc as well
  10. I've writtern some movies recently to disc and they seem to work perfectly fine
  11. when i try and do a PI on a writern disc it says no media inserted. I simulated the write and that worked fine, no errors there. and i have the ultrabuffer enabled on auto if thats what you mean
  12. tried burning at 4x and 1x and they both give out coasters. haven't tried simulating yet. i know the files i'm burning are in good condition cos i made them myself
  13. i didn't get any error messages in nero or blindwrite. i'm using bulkpaq and never had any trouble with them before
  14. I've been trying to write some iso's to dvd. everytime i do, windows reads them as being blank. This happened with blindwrite and nero. but when i write cd's its works fine. i have a pioneer 106. any ideas?
  15. It would be nice to get a thread going. It could be a useful thing for newbies and more long term members alike
  16. Just wanted to know what software people put on so I can compare mine to others and get some new ideas. At the moment I have:- Ryanvm's packs (but that goes without saying) Adobe Reader 7.03 DivX 6 .NET 1.1 Dreamweaver MX 2004 Dvd Shrink 3.2 Firefox 1.0.6 Flash MX 2004 Jasc Paintshop Pro 9 Money 2004 Microsoft Antispy MSN Messenger Nero O&O Defrag 8 XP Plus! XP Plus! digital media PowerDVD Real Player VB Scripts VMWare Winrar Lego Draw Blindwrite Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6 And AVG Free Would be nice if everyone else could add their software to this list Thanks
  17. That works perfectly. Thanks MHz
  18. I can get it to silently install perfectly fine. The problem I'm having is when it comes to stopping it from rebooting the computer. Using reboot=suppress or reboot=reallysuppress doesn't stop it from doing so. Any ideas?
  19. Have you tried extracting the main installer from the SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe using winrar or something equivilant?
  20. thanks you. I just wan't too sure as I've never used these before
  21. I've slipstreamed the latest driverpacks into my unattended cd and when it finished I was left with a folder called oem as well as my $oem$ folder. Is this normal or should the contents of this oem folder be inside my other one?
  22. If you dont have a winnt.sif then you haven't created one. go to http://unattended.msfn.org/beginner/winnt_sif.htm and it will explain more there
  23. Hey! Its no good gettins stroppy with people on this forum. They are here to help, not use and abuse. Oh yea, if you could integrate those 2 things, dont you think we'd be doing it?

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