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  1. Love your latest one. Where can I get the background BMP or JP that you've used? Cheers
  2. Identifying SP in Windows build

    If I'm right, SP1 has the Java runtime software in it, however due to MS having a running battle with the co owners of the java software they removed this and made the new SP1a cd
  3. Network Connection - Connected Status

    Nope it's only one. Everything goes fine and works well prior to installing. The sys tray icon is there and all lit up with the two green monitors flickering away happily, but as soon as I reboot the icon sys tray Icon goes cold with the big red X, which means it's not connected. But as I said I can browse the network no problem at all, the only annoying problem is that the icon shows me differently, makes me think that it's something to do with the registry settings.
  4. Detect System Make and download drivers

    Just one question, what if the manufacturers website is down or unavailable, it's going to throw errors up with running the script.
  5. Network Connection - Connected Status

    Mmm.... I wonder if this topic could be related to my problem? The thing is that my connection in the sys tray shows as not being connected (red X) and never shows as connected after any amount of time, but as plain as day I can browse the network ok. I'll try disabling and enabling the NLA service (Network Location Awareness)? to see if this helps my cause Although I have a feeling that its a registry thing.
  6. Wireless Connection

    After installing wireless on to my Laptop it works fine, however after rebooting and loging back in, the wireless still works ok but the system tray wireless connection icon shows that it's not connected, when it is. where abouts is the registry string for the sys tray wireless icon? I've got a feeling that it's somehow set itself to off. Cheers
  7. Don't know if this is right, but what if you slipstream office 2003 first, then copy over the "EntSetup.exe" to the unatteneded image? Quote from MS site Overview This download is a replacement of the Office 2003 setup.exe file for administrators who plan to deploy Office 2003 with Local Installation Source enabled. ******* I haven't tried it yet but same as you and the rest would like to know if it's possible.
  8. I would say 1) Yes - SP2 includes all previous update 2) No - you shouldn't have to update SP1 then SP2, just sliptream SP2 3) Yes
  9. Sound Events Aren't Working

    It sounds as though Netscape is conflicting with something. For test purposes try another unatteneded install with the 2nd CD but this time don't install netscape, just to see if the problem was there before netscape was previously installed. If the problem still occurs in Internet Explorer, then you know it's not nestcape and that it could possibly be one of the drivers.
  10. I would remove your Product key from your first post, unless you want everyone to see it........ As far as drivers, I used the Bashrats method - worked like a charm
  11. Mmm, maybe I'm missing something, is it the office updater that I should be d/loading? because when I click on the link for "Office Slipstreamer And Updates" it takes me back to the exact same page. Thanks
  12. Where can I get this office slipstreamer? cheers
  13. Slipstream Office 2003

    Done a search before posting - couldn't find anything with a solution. I have a licensed corporate version, but it doesn't work with the MSN guide.
  14. How do you slipstream Office 2003 Pro, which isn't an enterprise edition. I can't see any way of doing it cheers
  15. lock folder?

    I don't think you can within XP itself, but if you can it would be handy to know. There are apps such as Lock Folder XP etx that can do the job for you, another way around it would be to just give yourself permissions to open it and remove all the other group permissions from the folder properties