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[Birthday] XPize Project


Why do you like / use XPize?  

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  1. 1. Why do you like / use XPize?

    • I think this is how Windows XP should have looked when released
    • I use it to complete XP look and feel, but there are better shell packs out there
    • I don't use it

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Ive seen XPize mature since the version 2.5 days. Every release is better than the last, I have even encouraged my friends to install it on there machines and we all agree that XPize is awesome. Keep up the great work XPero

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Hi guys i'm from Russia :) i not understand you Language :(

Who can help me, with adjustments of this remarkable program welcome in mine ICQ 263141490:) I shall wait for your answers if you certainly know Russian.

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Congratulations on getting this so far, and so good Xpero. This is definitely how XP should have been released, or at least how XP versions should be now, after all this time. Looking at how much you and a few others have achieved, it's incredible considering MS haven't managed it, they obviously can't be bothered, thank god someone can! Much respect!

To the masses and beyond with full release of v4 ;)

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