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  1. Injecter

    adding bootsceen

    You will use the /Bootlogo method wont you?!
  2. You dont have to write the path! If its in system32 Xpize_Logon.exe is enough. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "UIHost="XPize_Logon.exe"
  3. LOL?! System Restore will store all my Files you say -.- ?! Ok I had A .doc then i did a restore, deleted it and filled up my HDD. Now go and restore it with XP's Restore Prog... --> ROFL -.-
  4. OK... SO: You have .NET Framework 1.1 with SP1? (Not the Windows SP! There is an SP for the Framework.)
  5. You know, that the System Restore only restores the Registry not anything else, do you?! @SevenAlive sfc /scannow would also restore all the files, which were modified by XPize then. Wouldn't it?!
  6. You are sure, it was after Xpize?! I have that with my Shuttle WLAN-Dongle without XPize, too! But the device manager method works fine for me.
  7. Thx for XPize, XPero! Very good Shell Pack!!! The Idea to make "2 version" of it in 4.0 is very cool too. But you also know, that i like flyakite's shell-pack too! And now: last but not least: CONGRATS!
  8. Try out if for example your %SYSTEMROOT% variable links to D:\Windows or not... or %SYSTEMDRIVE% for D:\ ...
  9. Injecter

    XPize website

    Ya, as the others said: quite cool
  10. Why do you have /noguiboot and /bootlogo together?! Wouldn't /bootlogo be enough?! And: Whats the difference between /noexecute=alwaysoff and /Execute then?!
  11. I would like that one without the Progressbar, without the "Reloaded", without the "Professional" and without the MS and Copyright stuff... But the background looks nice!
  12. Injecter


    The icons with the cursors are already XPized, ya! @XPero The link-cursor is from Fedora hey?!
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