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my WPI icons 128x128


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Hey Kels, have you implemented the PNG alpha-indexing hack? AFAIK .hta files require the IE core to run.

Also, I like to use the screenshots from Softpedia. I find that those tend to be the most useful. And if Softpedia doesn't have a screenshot, then I make one similar.

Oh, and I'm not talking about the large screenshots. I mean the little mini one (like a 250x250 image or something) that's a cropped screenshot.

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Internet Explorer supports single-bit alpha indexing (transparency levels) in PNGs. However, PNGs offer a 24-bit color index, and a 8-bit alpha index. Consequently, 8-bit alpha indexes aren't rendered in Internet Explorer. Go ahead and view this thread in IE and I'll demonstrate an example.

In the following link, I present a single-bit alpha indexed PNG: http://labs.gooffense.com/nfotest/index.ph...on=viewnfo&id=3

Here's an 8-bit alpha indexed PNG:


(note the blue background of the PNG. That's IE that renders it like that. The background of that PNG is actually transparent. You can view that same PNG in Firefox, Opera, etc., and it will have a transparent background.)

I use the PNG hack on my site, the 8-bit PNGs don't have that blue background. I haven't tested the PNGs in WPI, so I can't say for sure. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. :)

There's a few solutions for the PNG issue in Internet Explorer.

This site explains it significantly better than me.


The method I use is slightly different, however:


But that uses CSS's "behavior" which isn't W3C compliant, so I use a browser detection script before passing bahavior, thus my page is W3C compliant, and will only display in Internet Explorer

Here's another one that's similar to the above:


And here's one that only uses CSS:


This one is handy if the viewer doesn't have javascript enabled, but it's irrelivent to you because WPI requires that javascript be enabled. I just figured I'd post it as a referrence.

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whats the use of integrating png hacks and tidbits if ie7 will have native suport and is right outside of door??

Because IE6 doesn't have native support for it, and it's already gone through that door.

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