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my WPI icons 128x128


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@ kelsenellenelvian

I did read the manual it said nothing about ICONS. i assume you are refering to the "adding cosmetics" section of the manual, am I wrong? If so please correct me. If I'm right, then does the text show up over the background icon or to the right of it?

Please explain!!

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The section in the manual states:

Add a pic and text in the description box

For the text and description just enter all of the text you wish to be shown in the description box.

For the desired picture place the desired image into the graphics folder at the root of WPI and simply add the file name

(Like this = blah.jpg). Many pre-set image sizes for both the height and width are pre programmed in to the configuration section for your use. Also you can choose where the text is to be displayed with the image i.e. To the left, right, top or bottom.

It is in the advanced options section...

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