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I'd have to say if you want a good full-blown registry cleaner without any bloated interface that's been through years of development you should go for Regsupreme or Regsupreme Pro from www.macecraft.com ...

Just remember to be cautious when using the program and don't use any "aggressive" setting.

unfortunately - which is the only bad thing I can say about the above mentioned - they're payware although you might be able to find an old free version made issued before it turned into payware.

Greets - Jacob.

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I really like Registry Mechanic from www.pctools.com I have not found anything that compares to it so far.

They have a trial version that is slightly crippled, but at least it will show you what the others missed.

Also try System Mechanic from iolo technologies. They have a trial version that is fully functional. That one is my second favorite.

I have had bad luck with free versions, some of them have really screwed up my machine and several at work (some employees think they know everything until they are nailed to the wall because they think we cannot track them :-)

Try them out.

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