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harddrive beep?!

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Guys guys guys! You're overanalyzing and overcomplicating all of this... :blink:

@hakeem5454: When you installed the new hard drive, your BIOS recognised that the system's hardware configuration has changed and beeped to let you know that. It still keeps doing that after you took out the hard drive you added because by removing the hard drive you changed the system configuration again.

What you don't see is that because you have the giant SONY logo shown, you're not seeing the system's messages. There is a system message that will go with that beep saying that the hardware configuration has changed and to press a certain key to accept the changes.

All you have to do to stop this beeping from occuring is to go into your BIOS and accept the changes to your hardware configuration. Just going into your BIOS and exiting right away while saving changes is sufficient to accept the change in hardware.

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how many beeps? if it's just one, than it may be perfectly normal. one beep means, if i'm correct, that BIOS did it's thing OK and now the system has been turned over to the OS. if it's more than one, then it's a troubleshooting code whose meaning may be in your MB manual, or the vendor website.

to those who mention "grinding" hard drives, if the drive is reading/writing properly (no data loss) and checks out OK with a disk checking utility (chkdsk), then all is probably OK. it's very normal to hear a sort of muffled grinding noise from a drive as it reads/writes data. some drives are much louder than others.

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