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  1. Network Functionality important components

    have a look here. You could try that.
  2. [Help] - system 32 not suitable

    MS explains same as your other post here
  3. 16 bit Windows subsystem message

    MS explains
  4. New Computer!

    Monarch Computers rock! Excellent HW for the buck and a bunch of great guys! I live abt 15 mins from them.
  5. The Joshua Tree - U2 can FIX Windows Firewall

    Are you taking your PC?
  6. USB to PS/2 adapter / converter that works?

    LOL- I know, was a joke. OK- thanks for the clarity. That's what I think too.
  7. actually, there is.... I use one for my SGI monitor. Monitor drivers are usually used for older monitors, newer monitors use the PnP Driver supplied by MS OS (depending on if 95/98/etc). WinXP will usually supply an adequate PnP driver (my SGI works fine with the PnP or the SGI-supplied driver). Older monitors needed drivers for color and resolution (you'll see .cat, .inf and .icm files). As for helping you, thedamned- sorry I can't be of much use here.
  8. USB to PS/2 adapter / converter that works?

    sounds like a USB-only KB.... may not work via PS/2 *I'm remembering the days of the serial/PS2 mouse, when the mouse had to be both serial AND PS/2 compatible in order to use the converter. I still have one of these mouses (meeses?) for when I work on older PC's. **Another thought- power via USB as opposed to power via PS/2= same? IOW, isn't the power for USB greater than what a PS/2 port will deliver? Can't remember off-hand. Just some thoughts. HTH
  9. avi to dvd converting question

    AVI2DVD also VSO DivXToDVD (last freeware version was 052- Google it!)
  10. Weird Problem

  11. cool

    works here too! nice
  12. Which kind of HDD?

    yes- but I recommend ATA133 at 7200 RPM (IDE) for speed. Slowest would be the ATA33, then 66, then 100. The faster the better (i.e. movies, CD/DVD burning, gaming, etc.) Use an 80-pin IDE cable as opposed to the older 40-pin (80-pin will work w/an ATA66/33 too). HTH
  13. Which kind of HDD?

    from your link: NVIDIA nForce2 MCP-T * 2 x UltraDMA 133/100/66/33 * Silicon Image Sil 3112A RAID Controller: * 2 x Serial ATA * RAID 0, RAID1 IOW- ATA133/100/66/33 (IDE) or SATA
  14. Need a WMA to MP3 Converter

    LOL- me 2- not my words, just copy/paste from the site. Of course, the author's 2nd language (English) is so much better than my German (which is not my 2nd language).